Pore inside can transplanting seedlings, the doctor teaches you four moves to deal with thick pores

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Hello, I’m Dr. Luo.Do you have big pores?Whether always because pore is bulky, affect beautiful and vexed?Today we are going to talk about pores.Often have a friend illicit letter to ask me how ability improves pore after all, listen to a lot of bo advocate on the net to say pore greatens after improving very hard true?This is true, if the pores become bigger after the improvement is more difficult, but it is not a way to also have no, I will give you a few moves to deal with bulky pores.If you want to solve the problem of pores, you must first understand the cause of bulky pores.Pores, in fact, is the outlet of sebum discharge, a pore is not corresponding to a hair follicle, but may correspond to one or more hair follicles, hair from the hair follicle growth, so some people a pore inside the growth of two or three hairs.Sebaceous glands, located in the middle of the hair follicle, secrete oil that travels along the hair follicle to the surface of the skin, forming a sebum membrane.When the hair follicle epidermal metabolism, aging cutin is not easy to fall off, the pores are blocked, the sebaceous glands secretion of oils and fats can’t through out form the sebum membrane of the pore, so will pile up in the hair follicles, to mix with hair follicle mouth around cutin, form a yellowish-white Angle bolts, always like to squeeze blackheads extrusion is you usually come to.If the pore is blocked all the time, the corner plug will pile up.The oil on the corner plug and pore surface is the favorite food of the bacteria and fungi on the skin surface. The bacteria and fungi will gather and multiply in the pores, forming metabolites to stimulate the skin, and acne is generated in this way.If you squeeze a pimple, the collagen around the pore doesn’t work as well as it should after the pimple is squeezed, making the pore even bigger.Two, how to solve the problem of thick pores first, improve the sebaceous gland oil too much, clogged pores.If not how long blackheads usually, only occasionally will shine, is don’t need to do special treatment, if the oil is severe, had just finished washing face a few minutes to start out oil, silent blackheads and acne, and so on and so forth, can choose contain salicylic acid or fruit acid cleanser, protect skin to taste, this kind of product can help the aged cutin fall off,Be careful how often and how much you use, though, as too much can damage the original skin barrier.If it is particularly prone to redness, sensitivity, itching and so on, it is likely that the skin barrier has been destroyed, this time do not use acid skin care products, repair the skin barrier first.Second, don’t use your hands to squeeze blackheads, squeeze pimples, and break the bad habit of squeezing these things so that the collagen around your pores can repair itself.Third, if you already have pimples, you have to cure them first.Everyone long acne situation is not the same, need to go to the hospital to let the doctor do professional judgment for treatment.Fourth, medical cosmetology treatment.What we have talked about before is mainly about daily skin care and habits, but the improvement effect of these on enlarged pores is relatively small. However, these can largely prevent the formation of enlarged pores.It is a good choice to treat the large pores that have formed with medical beauty.Two methods are recommended here, one is fruit acid skin, the other is dot array laser, both of which can improve the problem of thick pores to a certain extent.Brush acid or fruit acid skin is once or twice a month. With this medical beauty method, you do not need to brush acid at home, and you can avoid a series of skin problems caused by improper operation of your home brush acid. Moreover, compared with other medical beauty projects, the cost performance of this project is relatively high.The principle of dot array laser is to cause an even wound to the skin, then force the skin to repair itself, stimulate collagen regeneration around the pores, thereby fundamentally improving the problem of large pores.This medical beauty program is performed every 2 to 6 months according to the different skin conditions of individuals. The advantage is that the effect is relatively lasting, while the disadvantage is that the effect is relatively painful and slow.Now you know how to face your pores, ok, today’s share here, we feel useful if you remember to collect and save, what you want to ask can leave a message in the comment section, I am Luo Shuai Cold days, pay attention to me, know more skin related knowledge