“Snow in the fierce Sword” talent of the best 8 strong, sword god Li Chungang third?Ginger paste is fourth

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There are a lot of strong people in The work Of “The Fierce Knife in the Snow”, and to become strong, and talent is a great relationship, after all, not everyone is Wang Xianzhi, talented people can become extremely strong in the shortest time, today we will talk about “the fierce Knife in the Snow” talent of the best eight strong.1 Lv Dongxuan Lv Dongxuan: as a strong world, “the snow line welding knife” capabilities in the ceiling, the depth of the high, but lu hole basaltic heaven a shoulder, his talent is also no one can and, in particular the kendo talent, is known as the first man since one thousand, even Li Chungang this genius only since five hundred, the only one par Lv Dongxuan kendo talent.And Lv Dongxuan can be far more than in sword path achievement the first, its in the heavenly way of cultivation is also peerless, lv Dongxuan why can every one become the world the first, rely on is to the understanding of the heavenly way, can say Lv Dongxuan talent is ranked in the first without doubt.2 Unknown Taoist (Xu Fengnian’s previous life) In fact, Xu Fengnian’s own talent is not extremely, although the drama version through Li Chungang’s mouth exaggerated Xu Fengnian’s talent, but this life Xu Fengnian can become the best in the world more by opening, rather than hard work.However, Xu Fengnian’s previous life is very great, Xu Fengnian is known by the previous three, respectively is zhenwu, Qin Huang and unknown Taoist.The unknown Taoist is the least famous, but his talent far exceeds that of the Emperor of Qin and Xu Fengnian. In the original description, when he was about 17 or 18 years old, he easily defeated the celestial gao Shulu and sealed him up.There is absolutely no problem that the talent of unknown Daoren ranks second, worthy of being the reincarnation of Zhenwu.3 Li Chungang Li Chungang kendo talent was called in five hundred to only one par Lv Dongxuan people, their talent, kendo 16th annual revenues king kong, the 19th annual revenues refers to the xuan, 24, is astronomical, six years after closed the scabbard, wu jian JueXue open doors, 30 years old has one foot stepped into the sword play land boundary, such a talent, the absolute is a rare genius.Later, he fell to the realm because of the death of green Robe, if green robe had not died in his hands, his achievements would not be much worse than Lu Dongxuan.Jiang Ni is not only the princess of Western Chu, she is born with a sword embryo, known as the Lord of ten thousand swords.Early because of lazy to learn jianfa, Li Chungang try their best to also useless, and later Cao Changqing went to the west shu, obtained the Li Chungang and Cao Changqing guidance, jianfa by leaps and bounds, become the sword play within a short span of time, but also can door ajar, blocking xian-zhi wang a recruit, ginger mud talent is extremely, but unfortunately her mind doesn’t work, combined with its inexperience in play,Was referred to the xuan realm chasing dozen.5 syrmosaurus like the younger brother of Xu Fengnian syrmosaurus like king kong born, this natural bone is a very powerful, even Li Chungang say him to the astronomical phenomena such as habitat is the second xian-zhi wang, XuanYuanJing city said he became the xuan is world-beater, syrmosaurus like and Xu Fengnian nearly time to start to get a teacher for advice, later through LeiJie, became the astronomical phenomena in the strong, can land immortal strength level,He has great talent in martial arts.Deng Taia xu Fengnian’s uncle Deng Taia is known as the peach blossom sword god, the sword talent is also extremely powerful, its swordsmanship is high, the whole river’s lake no one can rival, the swordsman add up all over the world swordsmanship are inferior to him.Deng Taia is as powerful as anyone, of course, his talent on swordsmanship is the best in the world, and swordsmanship is a little weak. Fortunately, Li Chungang helped him step into the realm of the immortal.7. Nangong servant shooting white fox son face nangong servant shooting is absolutely amazing potential, Li Yishan once said that “ten years of cultivation in the pavilion, but this sentient beings, this no one”.Nangong servant shot in listen to the tide pavilion within the institute of all the secrets, after the creation of the juxue nineteen stop, once said: six stop killing two products, nine stop killing refers to the mystery, twelve stop killing the sky, sixteen stop, Buddha’s big kong also broke open, heaven and human body is like white paper, after eighteen stop, I did not land immortal before.As for the nineteen stop power, more comparable to heaven and man, but for Xu Fengnian bad mood, from now on it is difficult to display.Can create such a unique, nangong servant shot wu Dao talent high visible one spot.Gao Shu Lu Gao Shu Lu is more than four hundred years ago, the son of the emperor, the heart on the martial arts, even if the throne is not easy to get, years of penisory, and finally trained into the body of heaven, strength is as good as heaven, easily pinched two big sword fairy, the strength of the high visible.Gao Shulu was able to become a heavenly man in that era, which showed his talent. At that time, the celestial world was already extremely powerful. There were two or three celestial beings, but he became a heavenly man with his talent.Who else do you think makes the list?Welcome to add corrections, and we’ll see you next time!