TOP100 Chinese a-share listed companies by market capitalization in January 2022 (with monthly list TOP100)

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Interpretation of the list: In January 2022, the overall market value of a-share market declined, with the total market value of 100 enterprises totaling 36.84 trillion yuan, 2.37% lower than that of the top 100 enterprises in December 2021;The current market value totaled 26.81 trillion yuan, 6.97% lower than that of the top 100 enterprises in December 2021;The threshold for top 100 finalists also dropped by 8.30% to 135.941 billion yuan from 148.239 billion yuan in December 2021.Kweichow Moutai firmly ranked the top, While Wuliangye fell out of the top 10. China Mobile was successfully listed in A-shares on January 5, 2022, with A total market value of 1,227.674 billion yuan. Since then, the number of enterprises with A trillion market value has increased from 6 to 7, and the three major domestic telecom operators have formally gathered in A-shares.Longyuan Power was newly listed on January 24, 2022, with a total market value of 215.165 billion yuan, ranking 59th.Compared with the market value in December 2021, only 29 enterprises saw their market value increase on a month-on-month basis, and POSTAL Savings Bank saw the largest increase of more than 10%. Eleven of the 29 enterprises were banks, and only three of the 14 banks on the list — Minsheng Bank, Pudong Development Bank and Ping An Bank — saw their market value decrease on a month-on-month basis.The market value of 69 enterprises decreased from the previous month, with three enterprises, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Sunshine Power Supply and Aier Eye, falling by more than 20%, two of which were power equipment enterprises.The share price of kweichow Moutai is 1887 yuan per share, and the share price of Ningde Times is more than 500 yuan per share.Twelve companies, including four banks and three construction and decoration companies, had their highest share prices in the past six months in January 2022.The top 100 enterprises are distributed in 22 provinces, with the largest number of enterprises located in Beijing, accounting for more than 30%, more than 20 enterprises located in Guangdong, and more than 10 enterprises headquartered in Shanghai.The top 100 companies cover 39 industries, led by banks and companies involved in power equipment.The number of top 100 companies listed on the Main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 62, including 9 of the top 10 companies.Twenty-six companies are listed on the Main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with the highest total market value being Wuliangye, ranked 12th.Nine companies are listed on gem, with ningde Times ranked fourth in terms of total market capitalization.Smic, Beigene Shenzhou-U and Trina Solar are listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, with SMIC ranking the highest.Note: Statistical data is up to 15:00 on January 28, 2022.