The main culprit was sentenced to 15 years in prison for injecting water into live cattle to increase the weight of the meat

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In order to gain illegal profits, during the slaughter of live cattle, water pipes were inserted into the heart of cattle to increase the weight of beef…On March 14, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued a typical case of punishing the crime of producing and selling fake and shoddy commodities, including the case of “Zhao Mou Tao and others producing and selling shoddy products”, exposing the social harm of injecting beef and cracking down on the crime of injecting livestock and poultry.In June 2016, Zhao Mou Tao acquired a slaughtering and processing Company Limited in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, mainly engaged in live cattle slaughtering, beef processing and sales.From April 2017 to July 2018, Zhao Tao, in order to seek illegal profits, organized and instigated the defendant Jia Yin and others in the process of slaughtering live cattle, using water pipes inserted into the heart of cattle water injection, increase the weight of beef, and then ji Gang and other workers were slaughtered and processed on the water buffalo.The injected beef was organized by Zhao Mou Tao and distributed to many farmers’ markets in Shanghai by his children zhao Mou A and Zhao Mou b.After the incident, public security authorities seized 2950 jin of waterlogged beef at the slaughtering site of a Nantong slaughtering and processing Co., LTD.According to the audit of Shanghai Judicial Accounting Center Co., LTD., Zhao Mou Tao and others produced and sold more than 800,000 kilograms of beef with a sales amount of nearly 50 million yuan.On July 25, 2019, Shanghai Railway Transport Procuratorate prosecuted 17 people including Zhao Mou Tao for producing and selling fake and inferior products in two batches.On December 2, 2020, Shanghai railway transportation court of first instance verdict, the defendant zhao mou tao production, sales and shoddy products sin was sentenced to 15 years, deprivation of political rights for three years, and concurrently confiscation of personal property 25 million yuan, the other 16 defendants sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of twelve years to six months of the year, fine.After the first-instance judgment, some defendants refused to accept the judgment and appealed. On April 6, 2021, Shanghai Third Intermediate People’s Court rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment, and the judgment has become effective.The procuratorial organ revealed the harm of injecting beef: it is easy to cause pathogenic microbial pollution and cause food poisoning. The criminal perpetrator injected water in the process of slaughtering live cattle, which belongs to the behavior of “adulteration and adulteration in the product” stipulated in Article 140 of the Criminal Law.According to the Supreme People’s Court of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on handle criminal cases endangering food security to explain some issues of applicable law regulations, fill the livestock and poultry, though not enough to cause serious food poisoning or other serious food-borne diseases, but conform to the provisions of article one hundred and forty of criminal law, crime convicted and punished in production, sales and inferior products.In this case, the procuratorial organs to reveal the essence of the harmfulness of water injection beef, scientific research institutions on food safety experts to carry out special seminars, and inform the people with specialized knowledge to appear in court to testify, confirmed that water injection can reduce the unit of the nutrition composition and value of beef products, reduce the quality of beef, and pathogenic microorganism pollution, caused by water injection are more likely to cause food poisoning,The injected beef is a fake and inferior product with substantial social harmfulness.The procuratorial organ fully exposed the danger of flooding beef society at the same time, adhere to the “four strictest” principle, severely crack down on livestock and poultry flooding crimes, finally, the main culprits of the case were sentenced to severe punishment.Baoshan district procuratorate prosecutors to visit nantong slaughtered a wholesale market for agricultural products co., LTD., in the time of the crime beef slaughter, sales amount of 300 million yuan, the vast majority of beef has sales, and according to his statement is not water, each head of cattle so zhao mou tao and others decide how to production, sales, the amount of water injection beef is the difficulty to the case.The procuratorial organ combined the verified production records, transaction records and chat records of the company as well as the statements of more than 10 water injection workers and butchers about the amount and proportion of water injection in the slaughtering process, and fully considered the trading habits such as the amount of beef injection sales should be minus the amount of cattle by-products.It was finally determined that the amount of production and sale of injected beef in this case was nearly 50 million yuan.Baoshan District Procuratorate and related departments held a comprehensive management of agricultural products wholesale market theme activities.At the same time, for the employees who only participated in part of the crime in this case, the procuratorial organ made full reference to the company’s attendance records and accurately identified the amount of each employee involved in the production and sale of waterlogged beef, so as to achieve the unification of crime and punishment and ensure the punishment of the crime.(Source: Justice Network text editing: Zhang Juan)