The video took place last week, and all staff were safely placed that night

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On March 6, related control measures were initiated in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control due to the activity track of a case with abnormal nucleic acid test results involving an enterprise at 1280 Shuying Road.During this period, some employees had abnormal nucleic acid test results, which caused anxiety among some employees.Relevant departments immediately rushed to the scene for coordination, and in strict accordance with the prevention and control requirements, all employees were properly transported, isolated or relocated to meet their daily needs.The staff understood and cooperated with the epidemic prevention and control work, and four rounds of nucleic acid tests have been completed.At present, the mood of employees is stable, and relevant departments will continue to do a good job in the service guarantee work.We thank all parties for their attention and cooperation in the current epidemic prevention and control work, and urge all parties to continue to implement the “three-piece package” and “five-point plan”.The epidemic is not over yet, and the epidemic is still on the way. Let us work together to build a barrier.Text: Xinzhuang Town editor: Tang Jingxian