They are busy at their posts on the first day of the New Year

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(Reporter Wang Gang, Correspondent Li Liyanjie) Buses are the window and name card of a city, and bus drivers are the security guarantee for citizens to travel every day.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, all the staff of the bus company entered the new working state. On February 1, the first day of the New Year, the staff of the company are full of vitality and busy in their respective posts.Strengthen the implementation of safety to send passengers safe travel.”Drive safely and strictly enforce segmented speed limits,” Feb. 1.At 5:40 in the morning, three company 712 route long Liu Fei told line driver Zhang Bingda to drive safely, civilized service.On the same day, the bus company three party secretary, manager Bao Wan came to 710 road, 549 road station visit condolences, the line to strengthen the sense of responsibility for safety, strengthen the duty on duty, timely discovery and elimination of hidden dangers, to every passenger to bring the warmth of the New Year.Festive atmosphere into the carriage to send passengers warm travel.”Passengers are welcome to express their good wishes and welcome the New Year together.” Gan Yong, a driver of No.548 Road, hangs the Chinese character “Fu” in his carriage to add a festive atmosphere on Feb. 1.”Congratulations on the New Year to send good luck, I hope that through this way to narrow the distance between passengers, everyone to express their good wishes, together to welcome the arrival of the New Year.”GanYong said.Volunteer service station head to deliver passengers intimate travel.”I was glad to see citizens taking buses in an orderly manner.”1 Hubei province youth Wenming driver Yang Ling said.On February 1, the 1st road young volunteers carry out volunteer service in the commercial circle station along the line.Volunteers dressed in uniform, some stand under the platform guide chart to guide passengers;Some in the bus station to guide the public orderly queuing;Some help old and sick passengers to get on and off the bus, and help passengers carrying heavy items to carry their luggage.On the first day of the New Year, the staff of the three public transportation companies are busy on their posts, ensuring the safety, comfort and convenience of public passengers with their enthusiastic public transportation services.