Arnold Schwarzenegger does what he can: cheat on his fat nanny, father and son have similar bodies, and treats illegitimate children equally

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Detailed hand in person does not lose person, pan-hand in person much regret — Qiu Jin lover this word is often accompanied by a lot of gentle breath, everyone will become others “lover”.And this identity often carries the other half of all yearning for love, great responsibility.So when something bad happens, it destroys not only the relationship between two people, but also the whole expectation of the other person for love. Maybe because of one person’s mistake, the other person will no longer believe in love. So it is always the case that cheating is unforgivable.Arnold Schwarzenegger, as we know him, made such a mistake. He cheated on his maid when he was rich and famous, which led to his wife’s unbearable divorce with him. Now he is old and he does not know if he will regret it.01 Schwarzenegger legend life Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria in 1947, his life can be used to describe the legend, he do a bodybuilder, powerlifting athletes, actors, directors, and so on all kinds of work, and he also made great achievements, and other aspects, he has also served as the governor of California.It is reported that Schwarzenegger was born in an ordinary family in Austria, the father was a police chief, Schwarzenegger was very interested in bodybuilding when he was young.He began to learn about fitness on his own, but his studies continued, and he moved to the United States to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.But the idea of fitness has never been erased from his heart, he consulted books or read many newspapers, from many ways to learn professional fitness methods, he participated in the national bodybuilding competition for the first time at the age of 16, and achieved good results.Time will not turn his back on every effort, he made great achievements in the fitness business, seven consecutive times on the “Olympia” Mr. Throne, which is hard enough to consider the humanitarian.But Schwarzenegger did not stop there, he is also very interested in acting career, but it is not plain sailing, in the beginning of the film industry, he can only play a walk-on role.And in the days when he just came to the United States, he still wore a very strong accent. After a long time of hard work, he made his first film, Hercules in New York, but the response of the film was mediocre, and it was not loved by the public as expected.But Schwarzenegger willpower strong, not easily give up, he under the unremitting efforts, finally in the film industry, Schwarzenegger in 1984 in a well known movie the terminator, is also the film let Schwarzenegger won the nomination of the Saturn award for best actor, also made him a celebrity.Two years later, Schwarzenegger met his wife, Maria Schleol.02 Love is a gamble Maria is a beautiful woman, any man to see her will be moved, Schwarzenegger is no exception, coupled with her former United States President Kennedy’s niece, elegant speech and noble origin, so Schwarzenegger fell in love with her at first sight.Maria also fell in love with the handsome star. Even though she knew he was a philanderer, she was still willing to gamble. As it turned out, she lost, and lost completely.In fact, even though the love drama between a poor boy and a daughter of a rich family appears in the novel as a representative of true love, it must be opposed by many people in real life.But Maria overcame all difficulties, determined to pursue their own love, two people also experienced as long as a decade of long-distance love to marry, for a time also received a lot of people’s blessing.In 2003 Schwarzenegger used his superior brain and popular support to win 48.6 percent of the vote to become California’s new governor, with the help of his wife, and by the end of 2006 he won a full term with 55.9 percent of the vote.Schwarzenegger married Maria happy life, and pregnant with four children, Maria is a qualified wife, for Schwarzenegger’s daily life care is very good, and for his career will also put forward some useful advice.The original beautiful home is broken because of the arrival of a nanny, in fact, the relationship with the nanny is not much, the problem lies in the man, when a man is a philanderer, the woman must carefully consider whether to stay with him, or they will only suffer the consequences.Just like in Schwarzenegger’s case, the wife is kind and beautiful, the nanny is married and fat, and Maria thinks she has a maid like this so that nothing will happen to you, but the husband still cheats on her right under his nose, and lets the maid have a son.Can imagine this for a woman’s blow is huge, originally a couple of marriage, originally thought indestructible emotion, in this moment appears so fragile.Maria even saw the servant’s son grow up, which made Maria feel unacceptable. On May 9, 2011, the two suddenly issued a statement announcing their separation.But the shocking thing is that this so-called lover does not have a voluptuous body, nor angel face, she is fat, rather old, perhaps Maria does not know exactly where she lost.The woman who gave up everything for love, eventually lost completely, naturally proud Maria can not accept all this, and finally chose to divorce.If it hadn’t happened, Schwarzenegger’s life would have been legendary. Fortunately, he was not a good husband, but he was a good father to his illegitimate children.He gave full protection to his illegitimate son, and yes, the parents may have done something wrong, but the child was innocent, and he tried to be there for Joseph, both in school activities and in his daily life.Infidelity is usually listed as the bottom line of love life, a man will do so depends on his character will do so, do not try to change a man, let him prodigal son back.Because for this kind of man, whether the wife is beautiful or rich is not important, they crave new and exciting feeling, and will only hurt the woman herself in the end.But no matter what the situation is to live for yourself, like Maria, have their own bottom line when broken and broken, not because of their love or four children, is the right thing to do.For more exciting content, follow Cui Lingfang to talk about entertainment