Fujian Express: fuzhou, Fujian Province, “56” approved projects, accurate recommendation, full of business opportunities

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Cn.com learned that in the second week of February 2022, Fuzhou, Fujian province, the latest approved construction real estate projects a total of 56, involving residential, factory, office buildings and other projects are named as follows: 1.Lianjiang County Huangqi Peninsula Waterworks Staff dormitory Project 2. Yongtai Youxin Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Dazhangxi Bank Leisure Center Project 3.Songkou Town Zhongshan Resettlement House (Lot 1) Municipal Road Project 4. Rongfa (Lianjiang) Real Estate Co., LTD. Dacang Project Resettlement House Phase 1 Project 5.Rongju (Fuzhou) Investment Development Co., LTD. Rongju Lujing Residential Area Project 6. Minhou Zhenghong Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Zhengrong Runfeng Residence Project 7.Jilongtai Residential District Project of Lianjiang Zhongyin Tianrui Real Estate Co., LTD. 8. Zhihai Comprehensive Building Construction Project of Lianjiang County Zhihai Construction Co., LTD. 9.Huida Real Estate (Fuzhou) Co., LTD. Huida Data Service Management Center Project 10. Yueyuntai Residence Project of Fuzhou Zhongyi Real Estate Co., LTD. 11.Fuzhou Zhongbaoxing Industrial Development Co., LTD. Haisi Fashion And Art City ProjectFuzhou Zhongbaoxing Industrial Development Co., LTD. Haisi Juyi Hejin Mansion Project 14. Basement and Podium Of Super Brand Plaza of Fuzhou Zhengfu Real Estate Development Co., LTD. (only used as the project code for application)Fuzhou Zhaojin Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Hexi Mansion Project 16. Fuzhou Yunsheng Tiancheng Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Gulou Ying Project 17.Fuzhou Youjia Decoration Building Materials Co., LTD. Youjia Decoration Product R&D Center and Product Promotion Center project 18.Fuzhou Xinghui Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Xinghui Green Health Care Valley Project 19. Fuzhou Xinghui Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Junhe Lingshang Kindergarten Project 20.Fuzhou Xinghui Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Junhe Lingshang 2 Project 21. Fuzhou Xinqiquan Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Xinqiquan Garden Project 22.Fuzhou Xiangsheng Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Xiangsheng Residence Project 23. Fuzhou Wuyi Binhai Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Wuyi Square Project I 24.Fuzhou Tianyu Chunhui Investment Co., LTD. New Tianyu Square Upgrade Project 25. Fuzhou Taijiang District Urban Construction Comprehensive Development Co., LTD.Fuzhou Yonghong Asphalt Concrete Mixing Station ProjectRenovation project of dilapidated House in 67 Wushan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou (only for project code) Project 29.Fuzhou Airen Catering Co., LTD. New Ziyang Hotel Intelligent Upgrade Project 30. Fuzhou Changle Special Education School New Campus Construction Project 31.Fuzhou Changle Senior Middle School New Campus Construction Project Shimao Galaxy Shopping Center of Fuzhou Shimao Shiying Real Estate Co., LTDFuzhou Rongxin Shuanghang Investment And Development Co., LTD., Rongxin Yangzhongcheng Plot 9 (for reference only) Project 34.Fuzhou Rongwan Real Estate Co., LTD. Rongwan · Lanyue ProjectFuzhou Rongyang Real Estate Co., LTD. Guomao · Jiangcheng Garden ProjectLujian Biyuan Phase I Project, Fuzhou Lujian Real Estate Development Co., LTD.Fuzhou Liandong Jinqing Industrial Co., LTD., Sanchuang Center Industrial Park ProjectFuzhou Kaibang Real Estate Development Co., LTD. Zijin Business Shopping Center ProjectFuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Construction Development Co., LTD. Mawei Fund Town Phase II Reconstruction and Upgrading ProjectFuzhou Jinshan Economic Construction and Development Corporation Internet Town Building Upgrading Project fuzhou Jiaming Real Estate Co., LTD., Ronggaoxin 2020-04 Lot ProjectFuzhou Jiachen Real Estate Co., LTD., Jiachen Garden ProjectFuzhou Gucuo Protection and Development Group Co., LTD. Huang Zhuyuan Tourist Center ProjectFuzhou Dahua Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. Dahua Satellite Internet Industrial Park Project 52. Fuzhou Chenganxin Property Management Co., LTD. Chenganxin Management Service Platform Project 53.Fuqing Ronggrun Real Estate Co., LTD. Ronggrun Cultural Travel Business City ProjectFuqing Hongkuan Industrial Village Development Co., LTD. Hongkuan Innovation Science and Technology Park Phase III project 56. 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