“Imperial jade liquor”, red with black

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Introduction “Imperial jade liquor, 180 cups”, is many of our childhood memories.But in real life, the vast majority of the state organs’ “special” liquor in circulation on the market are shoddy counterfeit liquor.As the Spring Festival approaches, we must sharpen our eyes and consume rationally.Low-end wine “change” into “special for” white wine, 40 to 50 yuan cost of thousands!Recently, Beijing police, in conjunction with the market supervision department, cracked down on a number of criminal gangs producing and selling fake brand liquor, destroyed eight black dens of producing and selling fake liquor, detained 16 people, seized more than 6,800 bottles of fake brand liquor, more than 300,000 pieces of packaging materials (sets), and more than 500 kilograms of bulk alcohol.Police found in the work, there are illegal personnel to take advantage of the “two sections” during the characteristics of hot drinks, illegal production and sale of counterfeit brand liquor.After continuous investigation, the police comprehensively found out the organization structure and activity rules of a number of criminal gangs headed by Zhu Mou Hong, Ding Mou Gang and others who produce and sell counterfeit brand liquor.On Dec 31, 2021, police busted eight illegal dens, including some branded liquor packaging materials printed with a variety of fictional “special supply” words.According to the policemen, bamboo some red people from other place such as a large number of purchases include bearing the words “designed for” brand wine packaging materials, and then sold to being just groups, such as being just like people from others place again into purchase price lower liquor brand, and in dens for blending, filling, labeling, pretend to be a premium brand and the so-called “for” liquor foreign sales,Seek illegal benefits.After the police review found that the composition of these gang members is simple, some of the gangs are relatives, single point contact between the upper and lower lines, order production, concealment is strong.But the production and sale of counterfeit wine links from the sale of counterfeit wine packaging materials, filling counterfeit wine to packaging and distribution can be as many, the chain is relatively complete, can be said to be the “five viscera”.Part of the chain also exists link interlace, each other up and down.Among them ding gang’s line gao Mou snow, on the one hand from Ding mou gang to buy marked with “special wine” and other words “special for” wine, on the other hand to Ding Mou Gang and others to provide for blending base wine.At present, 16 suspects have been detained by Beijing Fengtai Public Security Bureau, the case is under further investigation.It is reported that as early as 2013, the country’s multiple departments jointly issued a ban on the use, production and sale of products labeled “special” and “exclusive”, and has been cleaning up.The vast majority of the “specially supplied” liquor in circulation by fictional state organs are fake liquor filled with shoddy quality and printed packaging materials by illegal personnel.The Spring Festival is approaching, the demand for food consumption increases, the police remind the general public friends to choose regular channels to buy, and keep good invoices and shopping vouchers.Special reminder, in the purchase of brand food, pay attention to the price and packaging logo, once found quality problems please immediately report to the market supervision department.This article is reprinted from the wechat official account “An Jian, chief of the Central Political and Legal Commission”, source: Ping An Beijing