New Year of the Tiger: A new library will open in Wuhan after the Spring Festival

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At the beginning of the New Year, many people have made a study plan to recharge their batteries. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. A good study place is also the focus of public concern.Around the Spring Festival, many citizens asked about the construction planning of libraries and other cultural facilities near their homes, and the relevant departments responded promptly.New Library of Qingshan District.Mr. Guo lives in Qingshan District peace Avenue, close to the new library in Qingshan District.According to him, he has been looking forward to the early opening of the Library since he learned several years ago that the library would be moved to his neighborhood.Recently, he found that the new building had been completed and looked beautiful from the outside, but he did not know when it would open.Mr. Guo said that the New Year, he plans to prepare for the civil servant exam, just need a quiet, convenient place to study, and the library is the best choice.The new museum is a few minutes’ walk from his home.The museum is close to the Heping Park station of metro Line 5, with convenient transportation and convenient access for citizens from other areas.”Everyone is looking forward to entering the museum for study and self-study as soon as possible.”In response to netizens’ expectations, qingshan District Bureau of Culture and Tourism said that the new library has been completed, soft installation and intelligent equipment debugging, is expected to open to the majority of readers after the Spring Festival.Reporter noticed, recently, qingshan District library wechat public number has released the new museum introduction article.The article introduces that the new library is located in the impression city of Heping Avenue construction, with a total construction area of 8,500 square meters. It is a fully functional, advanced equipment, rich in books, comfortable environment, elegant and modern library.Under the article, netizens have left messages, saying they are looking forward to the early opening of the new museum.Many netizens also said, “I want to sign up as a volunteer.”The head of qingshan District library introduced that at present, the new library still has some soft installation and intelligent system finishing work, in order to better serve the public, before opening the library will also carry out a comprehensive investigation, after the Spring Festival will complete these work as soon as possible.The old library was closed at the beginning of December last year, and some old readers wanted to return books and borrow books. It is expected that this part of the work will be carried out in advance after the holiday.1 Netizen: Does Junshan New Town have a library plan?Wuhan Development Zone: Junshan New City is adjacent to the Yangtze River in the east, and there are land Spaces with different depths on the riverside side of the Yangtze River dike. The planning control is an ecological zone. When conditions are mature, relevant work of Jiangtan Park will be started according to the needs of urban development.Chuanjiangchi area of Junshan New Town is planned to have land for culture and sports. Currently, functional planning research and urban design are being carried out, and public cultural and sports facilities such as libraries and gymnasiums are being considered.2 Netizen: Does panlong city have a library plan?Huangpi District: The construction of Panlong City library has been incorporated into the government’s practical matter, the construction address is near panlong City ruins Park, the scale is 3000 square meters.3 Netizen: are there any public places for people to read and study near Buddha Ridge?East Lake High-tech Zone: The comprehensive Cultural Service Center in Fozuling Subdistrict (next to the Fozuling Administrative Sub-center, Gaoland 6th Road, East Lake High-tech Zone) has a 200-square-meter reading room available for borrowing.In addition, in order to expand the reading space, East Lake High-tech Zone will cooperate with provincial and municipal libraries to build the Optical Valley Study, which will be completed and opened to the public as soon as possible.4 Netizen: There are many large communities outside the third ring road in Baishazhou area, such as Hongxia, Horticulture, Aijia, academy, etc., but there is no library nearby. We hope to build a community branch library to facilitate the surrounding citizens and children to study.Hongshan District: Hongxia and Horticulture are equipped with community libraries. Aijia and Academy are in the stage of preparation and renovation. After the renovation, community libraries will be put into use.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: