Strengthen enterprise innovation main body role Overweight carrier construction of innovative undertaking | “seaport” enterprise gradient support work continued to deepen

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Reporters recently learned from the district Bureau of Science and Technology, in 2021, the district Bureau of science and Technology to implement high multiplication and innovation carrier cultivation project results.Gaoqi, Guoke Elementary school, Chuying, Gazelle, leading enterprises identified warehousing and technical contract turnover exceeded the annual target tasks.In 2022, binhai New Area will set the target of 4,600 national high-tech enterprises, more than 2,100 foal, Gazelle and leading (nurturing) enterprises, and the social R&D investment will exceed the average level of the city.In the past year, Binhai New Area has vigorously promoted the construction of mass innovation space and science and technology business incubator.Up to now, the new Area has 71 city-level or above crowd-maker Spaces, including 24 national-level and 4 national professional crowd-maker Spaces.There are 35 technology business incubators at or above the municipal level, including 16 at the national level.According to the latest statistics, the incubation area of the innovation space in the New Area has reached 224,000 square meters, and 2,186 mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities or training sessions have been held, serving more than 5,000 start-ups and teams. 1,544 start-ups have received technical support, and 1,021 newly registered enterprises have been added.152 start-ups and teams received investment and financing of more than 370 million yuan.The incubation area of science and technology enterprise incubators exceeded 606,000 square meters, and 729 innovative and entrepreneurial activities were carried out, with a total of 1,858 incubated enterprises and 194 high-tech enterprises. In that year, there were 486 newly incubated enterprises, 161 graduated enterprises, and 124 incubated enterprises obtained investment and financing of more than 240 million yuan.Last year, Binhai New Area continued to implement the policy of affordable enterprises to reduce start-up costs and promote the construction of low-cost start-up blocks. One municipal incubator was rated as the only excellent one in the city, and two crowd innovation Spaces were rated as excellent. Eleven double innovation activities were carried out successively.At the same time, we will give full play to the role of scientific and technological personnel.In total, 6 national and provincial innovative talents have been introduced, 84 innovative leaders have been introduced into the new Area, 238 people have been promoted to cultivate Innovative talents in Tianjin, 40 young talents and 210 high-end foreign experts have been attracted to the new Area.It has given full play to the role of Tianjin (Binhai) Science and technology service Industry (talent) Alliance, gathered the strength of science and technology service, and introduced nearly 300 entrepreneurial talents and nearly 280 entrepreneurial projects.We held a number of policy publicity and exchange activities and served more than 200 enterprises.Meanwhile, binhai New Area continues to expand financing channels for technology enterprises.The establishment of high growth start-up fund — Tianchuang Tongxin Fund, the registered scale of the fund is 500 million yuan. It is recommended that the fund invest 149 million yuan in 15 high quality and high growth projects such as Feisuan Technology and NTU General.Interim Measures for The Management of Stock Reform Incentives for Gazelle Enterprises, Leading Technology Enterprises and Leading Nurturing Enterprises of Tianjin Binhai New Area.Made overall plans for the listing of science and technology enterprises, jinrong Tianyu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed on the Gem, and Kelayin returned to Hong Kong.Binhai New Area has planned the backup database for listing of enterprises in advance according to the idea of “reserving a batch, cultivating a batch, guiding a batch and listing a batch”.Actively strive for municipal policies to support enterprise financing, 88 baby eagle enterprises in the new District received a total of 4.4 million yuan of incentive funds.We gave full play to the role of the technology and financial service platform, organized 103 financial docking activities, and helped enterprises invest and raise more than 500 million yuan.Binhai New Area will make every effort to improve the level of enterprise innovation and give better play to the main role of enterprise innovation in 2022, according to the introduction of the main person in charge of the district science and Technology Bureau.In the implementation of the plan to double the number of high enterprises, Binhai New Area will promote the continuous growth of the number of high enterprises, and make every effort to achieve the target of 4,600 effective high enterprises by the end of 2022.We will continue to implement multi-database linkage of effective patent database of enterprises in the district, database of science and technology plans and projects, database of software enterprises and other databases, and screen out enterprises that meet the identification conditions of various science and technology enterprises for precise assistance.Do a good job in the service of 1000 enterprises that should be re-identified when due, and guide service enterprises to declare the re-identification when due.Issuing high enterprise certificates to enterprises to further reduce the cost of enterprise declaration.In terms of strengthening the gradient cultivation of science and technology enterprises, Binhai New Area will improve the gradient cultivation mechanism of “eagle-gazelle – leader”, expand the coverage of policy publicity, hold policy publicity meetings throughout the year, covering more than 1,000 enterprises, and conduct in-depth research and guidance on key enterprises.Decompose the induction and education tasks of science and technology enterprises and bring them into the “three tests in one”, establish work ledger and schedule regularly.In terms of promoting the upgrading of incubation institutions, Binhai New Area will accelerate the construction of university science and Technology park, deepen the cooperation between Binhai New Area and Nankai University and Tianjin University, and plan and start the construction of the starting area of Tianjin University and Nankai University science and Technology Park by means of one park and multiple points.Establish and improve the national-level, city-level, district-level and three-level incubation management system, continue to promote the construction of low-cost entrepreneurial blocks, and strengthen the integrated development of incubation institutions and regional economy.In addition, Binhai New Area will further improve the quality and efficiency of “education”, “introduction” and “transformation” this year, and strive to cultivate a group of enterprises above the scale with outstanding core technology and strong integrated innovation ability.Focus on “introducing” a group of high-tech content, promote technological progress, leading industrial transformation of enterprises above the scale;We will promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and stimulate the endogenous impetus for innovation in existing industrial enterprises.We will continue to deepen the reform of the science and technology management system, build an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, actively implement the Three-year Action Plan for the Reform of the National Science and Technology System, deepen the reform of the science and technology management system, and establish an all-round innovation ecosystem of “scientific research + achievement transformation + science and technology finance + talent support”.Source: