Student composition “I spend a day with so-and-so”, write a popular star, the teacher comments have a look

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I spend a day with XXX.The first is to choose a familiar writing object, sometimes choose who to write, will determine the composition level to some extent;Secondly, it is necessary to develop a bold and reasonable imagination. “Bold” means to pay attention to the novelty of the story when recreating on the original basis, and “reasonable” means not to break away from the original characteristics of the characters when imagining.Another is to find the entry point from reality to fiction, oneself and so-and-so is how to meet?Was it a dream, a time Turner, or a chance encounter that caught us off guard at the start?Finally, it is around a center to tell the story, no matter the story is long or short, the article had better have a more clear center, such as “honest” “pay attention to environmental protection” and so on.Let’s have a look at some of the essays. Some of them are super good.The title of “I spend a Day with the Flintmen” makes people look forward to it. This choice of material is novel and also a challenge to the young author himself.Look again, the article is really good, the cause and effect of the story are particularly clear, on the sui people’s imagination of the inspiration for the wood to make fire reasonable and interesting.If you can write more about the central event in a dream, the story will be more three-dimensional and vivid.Children generally like to see fairy tales, fairy tales, those small brains may usually be thinking about the people and things in the story, so many students will choose their familiar sun Wukong, pig Eight jie, Xiong Da Xiong er, Pleasant sheep and other characters.The beginning of “I Spend a Day with Tinker Bell cat” is very interesting, tinker Bell Cat directly appears in the young author’s home, the real world and the virtual world merge.The article also wrote a lot of novel and interesting news, such as “the building is soaring into the clouds, but I can’t see which floor is the highest”, “robots are busy running in the street”, and “penguins shake and shake, seals hug each other crowded”, etc., with a limited text to show a lot of content, this imagination is also worth full marks.More importantly, the article also has a central point, that is, the future of science and technology full of vision.Jing ke?Writing this article of the child is not simple, he can be all kinds of and Jing ke about the “point” interspersed in the text, the story is also very complete, but also wrote a full of five pages.The following article “I spend a Day with Ma Liang” is a curious article.Where is the article odd?”Strange” lies in the tight story, from “I” recognized Ma Liang, to follow him to the ancient times, to “MA Liang” proposed to escape, and then “I” persuaded him to draw a gun, and finally Ma Liang fled to the capital, the story is one suspense, one link after another, and orderly;”Qi” is positive in the theme. Obviously, the author does not just want to write a simple and interesting time travel story, but wants to change history and help Ma Liang, which is worthy of recognition.The ending of “Strange” is full of surprises. “The first thing I did when I got home was to open the history book, and indeed my name was on it.” The sentence is wonderful.Does the article also imply that history cannot be changed and we can only seize the present?In the case of no limit on who to write, many friends have not thought of writing their idols?I’ve written about CAI Xukun, and this one is about Dilreba.In the article, “I” as dilieba’s assistant, and then witnessed her day, the storyline is clear, smooth expression, but, imagination is not bold and interesting, and the big composition should not use Internet words, such as “I drip”, “what” and so on.The teacher’s comments were more interesting, “The teacher clearly saw you carrying xiao Zhan’s cartoon schoolbag every day.” Ha, the teacher is also very cute.I like the one with the magic brush. Which one do you like best?Who did you write about?Welcome to share.(Picture from the Internet, deleted.)