Why is the “mediocre” Spring Festival the “most expensive” one?

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Movie ticket prices did not suddenly become more expensive this Spring Festival, but this year is the most expensive in five years: the average ticket price is 52.8 yuan, and buying a movie ticket in first-tier cities can cost more than 200 yuan.The most expensive tickets didn’t translate into a higher total box office, with box office sales for the Year of the Tiger hitting 6.1 billion yuan as of Feb 6, 1.7 billion yuan less than last year.With the women’s national soccer team and the Winter Olympics distracting the public during the seven-day holiday, the slogan “Enjoy the Chinese New Year by watching movies” is no longer so enticing — according to ticket sales, 44 million people skipped the holiday.Mr. Ding, a family of three from Jinan, went to the Belli Palace Cinema on the afternoon of February 4 to watch the movie “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”. Each ticket cost 65 yuan, including snacks and drinks, and they spent about 260 yuan on the movie.Zhang, a Beijing resident at a cinema outside the east fifth Ring Road, paid 179 yuan for her ticket.Compared with previous years, both the one-day box office and the number of ticket buyers declined significantly during the most expensive period.From the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, the country’s total box office fell about 23 percent year on year, and only 116 million tickets were sold, 44 million fewer than the 170 million tickets for the same period in 2021, according to Beacon.The Chinese New Year of the Tiger still managed to break a record of 4.3 billion yuan in the first four days despite a sharp drop in both box office and cinema attendance, helped by an increase in cinema ticket prices across the board this year.According to lighthouse Professional, the average ticket price from February 1 to 6 is 56.1 yuan, 54.5 yuan, 53.2 yuan, 51.3 yuan, 50.3 yuan and 49.6 yuan respectively.The figures are the highest average ticket price for the Spring Festival in nearly five years. Even in 2021, when Chinese films broke many box office records, the average ticket price was only 48.9 yuan.The average figure does not fully capture the “special” nature of this year’s Spring Festival.A reporter from China Business News recently observed that ticket prices in some core locations in first-tier cities are generally above 100 yuan, while popular movies such as “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” cost as much as 200 yuan in some theaters.The habit of going to the movies, which had been cultivated by low ticket prices of 19.9 yuan and 29.9 yuan, cannot resist the reality of the market that keeps rising in the short term.In the past two years, the epidemic has brought considerable economic losses to offline cinemas, and operators have tried to make up for the losses of the previous two years by raising ticket prices.”With prices rising in all walks of life, why can’t movie tickets go up?””Said a cinema manager.With ticket prices getting more expensive and fewer people buying tickets to see the movies, the 2022 Spring Festival slump seems to have come as a bit of a surprise.After all, both ticket prices and ticket sales have been on the rise since 2017, even after the outbreak of COVID-19, and will peak in 2021.This year’s Spring Festival, including both “Changjin Lake watergate Bridge” such patriotic war blockbusters, and zhang Yimou, Han Han, Shen Teng and other past box office word-of-mouth double to support the film, previously had a number of cinema workers told our reporter that this year’s box office will hit a new high estimate.This is also the direct cause of the general increase in ticket prices this year.A person in charge of a theater in Zhengzhou told our reporter that the repeated epidemic last year still had a great impact on the theater line, and everyone was waiting for the Spring Festival this year, hoping to seize a wave of cash opportunities, so a lot of “efforts” in the layout and pricing.Such “kung fu” is directly reflected in the schedule and ticket price of some films. Take “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” for example, this kind of patriotic blockbuster has gradually cultivated the habit of watching movies during the Spring Festival in the past few years, and it is a must for most audiences.”Symbolic” filmmakers such as Zhang Yimou, Shen Teng, Yi Yangqianxi and Wen Muye are more or less box-office guarantees, and films that meet these criteria will attract a lot of attention during the Spring Festival, regardless of their quality.These Spring Festival movie-watching preferences, which have been “figured out” by the cinemas, have also become the compass for screening and pricing.But what they didn’t expect was that even though this year’s Festival was as gimmicky as ever, the actual content presented to the audience was a little more mediocre.”Short-term ticket price increases cannot solve the long-term difficulties of the cinema industry.””Said one industry insider.The year of the Tiger’s highest rating on Douban so far is “Sniper,” directed by Zhang Yimou, which also focuses on fighting against the United States and helping North Korea. The film chose a smaller incision to tell the story, earning 7.7 points so far.In addition, the watergate bridge of long jin lake and makino wen directed the miracle, stupid kid got more than 7 points of word of mouth, but beyond that, most of the film hovered between 4 ~ 6 points, especially the han directed, shen to vacate’s “four seas”, currently only get 5.6 points score, audiences and critics argue that the content is too personal,More like han’s own confession.Uneven word-of-mouth, also became the Spring Festival box office decline a reason.At the beginning of the Spring Festival season, a producer told China Business News: “I have watched all the films. There are no dark horses this year.”He said that the content of this year’s Spring Festival movies is a bit weak, although there are many “gimmicks”, but the lack of content that can really affect the audience, “none of them can hit”.But he also believes that this is the inevitable development of Spring Festival in recent years.”With the box office increasing year after year, people gradually know which elements can attract attention and know how to promote the best in the early stage. In fact, a problem has been ignored over the years — the audience will grow up, and people will see through these routines more and more.”This may answer why the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival was so anticipated before its release, and then so problematic afterwards.In recent years, from Wolf Warrior and Detective Chinatown to comedy films led by Shen Teng, the taste of Domestic commercial films seems to be tiring this year.Even though there were not many douban high-scoring movies during the Spring Festival in previous years, people’s boredom with the holiday has been growing on social media.Theaters and theaters may not be able to escape this pattern for a while.The above said that it is almost impossible to see the super preferential ticket price of 19.9 yuan and 29.9 yuan in previous years, because of the repeated epidemic, most cinemas regard the Spring Festival as the key moment to recover their capital, and it is difficult to reduce the current price.People may also perceive this year’s Spring Festival season “mediocre”, the reporter contacted a number of theaters and film party are extremely sensitive to this year’s ticket prices.On February 4, a “notice” circulated in the industry, saying that high ticket prices were one of the main reasons for the market’s disappointing performance during the Spring Festival season, and urging “film management and cinemas to adjust quickly and set prices scientifically”, along with a notice to correct the service fees.(Edited by Hao Cheng and proofread by Yan Jingning)