Gu Yan: I am not surprised that my daughter Gu Ailing is excellent, even if she is useless, she still has her own support

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If the most popular figure of the Winter Olympic Games, Gu Ailing is probably the right one, people love this brave, love to laugh, and good enough girl.Especially some parents saw, but also envy, how eager to their children can be so great.However, as Gu Ailing’s mother, Gu Yan is very calm about her child’s growth all the way. Maybe she has confidence from the very beginning. Under the shape of the environment, her daughter will not be worse, no matter how bad she is.In an interview, GuYan talked about her daughter, said all the way since don’t want to tie her development, such as myself, graduated from Peking University, Stanford, father graduated from harvard, grandpa graduated from Stanford, when GuAiLing resolves to also want to go to Stanford, instead, enlighten her daughter, she doesn’t need to be in Stamford, more important to her child’s learning process.It is this relaxed and open mind that enables Gu to follow her own interests and do what she likes.In Gu’s heart, her mother is a role model and a source of constant relaxation.For example, she said that the secret of her ability to do so many things is sleep. From early on, she has maintained the habit of sleeping 10 hours a day, which all reflects the relaxed environment given by her mother, Gu Yan, which really makes Chinese parents jealous.How can you be so confident?I’m afraid it also comes from guyan’s own excellence.Gu Yan graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of Peking University in her early years. She is also a member of the short-track speed skating team and ski coach of Peking University. Later, she went to the United States to study and got an MBA degree from Stanford university.Gu Yan’s husband is also not simple. He graduated from the Department of Mathematics and art of Harvard University and received a doctor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from MIT. Later, due to some ideological problems, they chose to separate, but it did not affect their love for their daughter Gu Ailing.Judging from Gu’s confident and optimistic smile, it is not hard to see that her growing up has not been affected by her parents’ divorce, which is due to gu’s wise handling of their relationship with her ex-husband.Later, Gu Lived with her mother all the time, and she became interested in skiing under her mother’s influence. More importantly, as a woman of Chinese and American descent, she became closer to Chinese culture under the influence of her mother and grandmother, so she later chose to become a Chinese citizen.When it comes to the education of her daughter, Gu Yan doesn’t have any secret. In short, what she likes, I will create a professional atmosphere for her, and the rest depends on her.Around but people are too good, that let GuAiLing impossible as a child, like a thing just three days of fresh, she must be willing to do the best, it is this strength with serious, let GuYan, in turn, to explain and convince his daughter, don’t want her to have too much pressure, to put it bluntly the root of all this or, GuYan have the bottom spirit.As a matter of fact, it is hard to attribute Gu’s excellence to her genes. Apart from her parents’ talent, it is more important to teach her by words and deeds, as well as how to learn things and use time. This is probably the biggest reason why Gu Loves so many things and can do everything well.Therefore, we have to say that parents are always children’s role models and reference, words and deeds will never go out of style.While many parents envy Guyan for having such an excellent daughter, they should also see the profound influence of Guyan’s daily behavior on their daughter as a mother.Although it is impossible for us to cultivate all our children to be as excellent as Gu Ailing, at least from now on, we should develop better habits to influence and drive our children, which will become the most important wealth for their future.