RCEP dividends gradually released, Fujian promotes “good start” in foreign trade

2022-04-29 0 By

China News Fuzhou February 5 (reporter Long Min)Although it is the Chinese Lunar New Year, but fujian coastal foreign trade “not closed”.On the morning of February 1st, fujian Shishi Zhengyuan Fishery Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. applied for the Certificate of origin issued by Quanzhou Customs for export to South Korea under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) for a batch of frozen surimi worth us $264,000.The First RCEP ship, the Panamanian Koryo Gwan, departed from the Jiangyin Container Terminal in Fuzhou, South China’s Fujian Province, Monday for Busan, carrying Chinese handicrafts, ceramics, home accessories and shoes. It will be the first RCEP ship to dock in Fuzhou in the Year of the Tiger after it takes effect.Fujian’s foreign trade reached a new high last year, with its annual export volume exceeding 1 trillion yuan for the first time.Zhong Muda, deputy director of fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, pointed out that the department is actively promoting the “good start” of the first quarter of foreign trade, continuing to guide enterprises to make good use of RCEP and other signed free trade agreements, and guiding foreign trade enterprises to accurately explore the international market.The fact that coastal goods are not cold during the Spring Festival reflects the gradual release of RCEP dividends, injecting new momentum into Fujian’s foreign trade.RCEP member states are all important economic and trade partners of Fujian.In recent years, trade between Fujian and RCEP member countries has been expanding, and emerging markets such as the Belt and Road Initiative have seen significant growth.In 2021, Fujian’s import and export to ASEAN increased by 32.5 percent year-on-year.Dai Yongwu, a professor from the School of Economics and Management of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, said in an interview that RCEP will promote the smooth flow of fujian’s regional industrial and supply chains, better connect the domestic and international markets and resources, and create new advantages of Fujian’s foreign economic and trade cooperation.RCEP entered into force on January 1 this year for 10 countries brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.Within one month, Quanzhou Customs has issued RCEP certificates of origin for enterprises worth more than us $14.470,700, including agricultural products, textiles, resin products, umbrella and footwear products.At the same time, Quanzhou Customs urged Quanzhou Jiasheng Supply Chain Co., Ltd. to become the first approved exporter in Fujian province after the implementation of RCEP, and issued the first declaration of origin by itself.Rcepa went into effect for South Korea on February 1st.After the RCEP took effect on South Korea, China and South Korea immediately reduced the number of items to zero tariffs to 38.6 percent, and eventually to zero tariffs to 86 percent.In addition, Both China and the ROK are members of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, and the China-ROK Free Trade Agreement came into effect as early as December 20, 2015.The RCEP entry into force for South Korea will bring more options for enterprises to obtain export visas.Shishi Zhengyuan Aquatic science and technology development Co., LTD. Salesman Li Xiansheng said that the application for china-South Korea RCEP certificate of origin to allow enterprises to fully enjoy tariff concessions, brought competitive advantages, enterprises to explore the international market more confident.To seize the RCEP opportunity, Fujian has taken a number of new measures. In January last year, Fujian introduced seven measures, including expanding two-way trade, implementing project promotion and increasing targeted investment.Last June, Fujian once again put forward 28 action plans in 10 aspects, such as expanding trade in goods, attracting investment and increasing efficiency, and expanding overseas business.According to the report on the work of the Government of Fujian Province in 2022, we will seize the opportunity of the RCEP agreement coming into force, continue to introduce policies to support import and export, promote “buy global, sell global”, and maintain the sound momentum of foreign trade.Dai yongwu believed that under the backdrop of the ongoing global epidemic and the global economic downturn, the gradual release of RCEP dividends will help Fujian continuously enhance its new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition, promote the domestic and international double cycle, and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern.(after)