Strategy version of The Three Kingdoms: the first female general of the three Wars, Sun Shangxiang details!

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Zhou Lang has a plan in his heart. Hello, everyone. I am Zhou Lang.Sun Shangxiang is also one of the few beauties in The Three Kingdoms. Today, Zhou Lang will take you to have a good understanding of this female warrior in the three Wars.From the wu marked on the panel, it can be seen that Xiang Xiang is positioned as wu in the Third War, which means she is a fierce general with superior force and good at blade attack.According to the four dimensions, the speed of the force is first-class, and the completion of the main output or secondary output task.Double defense general, intelligence growth in the vanguard (but the book of war no daredevil non yong, generally do not use the output).S2, a rare and special command method of weapon output, appeared, which to some extent reduced the living space of Zhuge Shu gun.However, S2 naked bloody battle has not yet appeared, Xiang Xiang’s most suitable offensive reckless are active fighting method, no matter in any lineup, against zhu Ge results are unknown.Although it is a command method, it can gain the number of ordinary attacks, the upper limit is far more than jiang Wei, Zhu Jun and other people’s own command output method.The disadvantage is that although it can still be launched after being disarmed, it is still quite afraid of shock and awe because it is not even ready for general attack.It should be noted that since the command method priority is the last in the preparation phase, xiang Xiang needs to activate the gongyaoji function gain for the additional blade damage and power bonus.Therefore, any functional gains from passive, class, formations, and command tactics that are faster than xiang xiang’s teammates do not give xiang xiang any additional gains (except for those that only get functional gains during stringing combat).Because xiang Xiang’s speed is first-class, she usually only needs to pay attention to her speed faster than Her teammate Ling Tong in Wu Qi’s system. Other auxiliary generals such as Guo Jia and Huang Yueying are usually faster than Xiang Xiang.In some ways, this methods is assault wearing command methods (difference is unable to enjoy the art of high-altitude addition level and command methods Numbers to cross his arms fighting butch ride a bonus), transverse comparison can carry output expect the highest assault fighting a ride when thousands of commanding general (97.2), hunch over her (122 no gain), the output of the expected to win.As for the book of war, Xiangxiang, as a simple blade output general, the basic book of war is the first choice of red war series, the second book of War is usually to win and strong, when carrying the assault method, can choose a breath;The three or four military books are generally victories + Tibetan sword/martial arts/sharp.Given the current trend of eight rounds in combat, the second armor-fight or die can also be considered.That’s all for Xiang Xiang, the general.If you have better ideas, you are welcome to share your ideas with Zhou Lang. See you next time. Bye!