The blue sky and white clouds make a bright name card of Xizang

2022-04-29 0 By

According to Xinhua News Agency Lhasa (reporter Bai Shaobo) “used to burn cow dung to keep warm, the house fell a layer of dust, the sky is sometimes gray.”Basan, a resident of Tama community in Lhasa’s Chengguan district, bought more than 1,000 yuan of natural gas this winter.Basan said that seven years ago, when natural gas reached his home, he stopped burning cow dung to keep warm, which not only made his house warmer, but also made Lhasa’s sky bluer.In recent years, Tibet has taken multiple measures to protect its blue sky.Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, ranked second on a list of 168 key cities in China for air quality from January to October last year, according to the latest information released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.Lhasa has been in the top 10 of the list for many years, even topping the list in some months. Tibet’s blue sky and white clouds have become a beautiful name card for the rest of the world.Natural gas has become a major clean energy source in Tibet, one of the keys to bluer skies and fresher air.The reporter learned from the gas department that more than 90 percent of Lhasa has realized natural gas heating, with 1.66 million cubic meters of natural gas in reserve before entering the central heating period. Every day, 10 LNG tankers from Golmud, Qinghai Province, deliver about 300,000 cubic meters of natural gas to Lhasa continuously.According to reports, in order to ensure good air quality, Tibet has carried out a tough battle to prevent and control diesel vehicle pollution, and continued to carry out a comprehensive campaign to clean up “scattered pollution” enterprises, with 89.5 percent of installed electricity from clean energy.Tibet is also vigorously developing new energy vehicles, phasing out old vehicles that are highly polluting and energy-consuming, and promoting clean energy buses and taxis.Bian Ba, a Lhasa resident, said that he and many of his friends have changed their fuel cars into electric cars, which are not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also enjoy a car purchase subsidy of tens of thousands of yuan.”Tibet’s good air attracts tourists from all over the world.”Shi Xiaodong, an employee of a tourism service company in Lhasa, said that the air quality is so good for many tourists when they visit Tibet that the blue sky and white clouds are the most beautiful background in every photo they take.Tibet’s excellent air quality also makes the sky clearer.The ngari Observatory, located in remote western Tibet at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters, is still visited by tourists on winding roads.Zhou Yunhe, director of ngari Observatory, said it is becoming the new “Internet celebrity punch card”.