Visit Jia Muyun, chairman of Ark Holding (Shenzhen) Group Co., LTD

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“Dawn” to illuminate the new journey on January 27, 2022, along with the year of the tiger of the Spring Festival approaching, a new generation of jin merchants wood cloud and ark holdings group (shenzhen) co., LTD formally sign the listed company of liaoning shuguang automotive group co., LTD of the news, just a available to cause the attention of China’s auto industry and domestic finance.As an outstanding representative of the new generation of Jin merchants, Mr. Jia Muyun and his huge industrial territory, in the “dawn” again into the public view.The year of the tiger first a primrose dawn co., LTD is a legendary exploits enterprise, its predecessor can be traced back to 1951, the Chinese people’s volunteers rear service department’s Anton auto repair factory, after decades of development, now has become to the vehicle, axle and parts for the main business of the collectivization of listed companies, and national automobile export base enterprises,With yellow Sea and dawn bridge two series of products.Jia Muyun said that the purpose of ark Holding (Shenzhen) Group Co., LTD. ‘s listing of Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group Co., LTD is to better promote the sustainable, stable and healthy development of listed companies.Who is Jia Muyun?Some say he is a man capable of great things, others say he is a man capable of great things.”There is Jack Ma in the south, and There is Jia Muyun in the north” is not just a rumor. This famous entrepreneur born in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province, who was born in the 1970s, has a vision of thinking, bold wisdom in business and the persistent spirit of “never give up in life even when the wind blows”.He graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology in Shanxi Province in 1998 and holds a master’s degree from the EMBA School of Business Administration of Tsinghua University and certified Public Accountant.In his early years, jia Muyun worked as a reporter for Shanxi Daily for one year before he started business. The days when he was “firmly committed to morality and skillful in writing articles” endowed him with humanistic feelings and unique spiritual endowment, and infused his commercial blood with cultural genes and Confucian merchant deposits.Standing in the current of The Times, the experience of crossing the boundary from journalist to business sea is not only a challenge for jia Muyun, who is in his prime, but also a turning point and opportunity of life when he sets sail.Aiming high, Jia Muyun completed the original accumulation in the merchant sea, and naturally realized the transformation from “coal old” to a new Jin merchant.Since then, he has taken advantage of the trend to focus on O2O, B2C and C2C business models, and founded the E-Tong Group.Etong Group’s predecessor is So300 International Holding Group Co., LTD., which has been listed in Hong Kong.The company mainly develops Chinese search services for mobile terminals, and is committed to creating a “Baidu of mobile phones” with mobile search functions.Nowadays, the traffic and keywords generated in the process of mobile phone search are closely related to the operation of Search 300. As the first listed company of Yitong Group, search 300 has more than 100 patented technologies and more than 10 exclusive intellectual property rights, and has jumped into the leading brand in the field of mobile Internet information search.When the concept of Internet finance was just emerging in China, Jia Muyun, who had a good sense of business opportunities, overcame various obstacles and established a team to carry out corresponding technical research and development. In April 2013, he launched the Internet financial system of “E-Pass Yu ‘ebao”.At that time, due to lack of sufficient brand support and flow support, the opening of the background was not finally realized. Unfortunately, I missed this excellent opportunity.Two months later, Alibaba’s Yu ‘ebao came from behind to exceed 10 billion yuan in sales in its first month of launch.If luck had been on Jia’s side, things would have gone the other way.”If the luck is not good enough, then try courage.” Jia Muyun, unwilling to mediocrity and brave in development, immediately chose to cooperate with China Merchants Bank and China Minsheng Bank and other financial institutions in the field of fund service, and achieved the proud performance of 26 billion fund sales in that year.Opened new journey industry track after years of speakers and self-consummation, hui group has become a focus on innovation and development of science and technology and the Internet, big data for the main business of the joint-stock company, business scope covers financial, investment, electricity, Internet, film and television, energy and culture, and many other industries, is committed to creating diversified integrated industrial chain.The overall operation of Beijing headquarters as the command center, radiation 7 secondary headquarters and direct companies, including nearly 100 branches nationwide, the total assets up to tens of billions of yuan.At present, it covers a series of incubation projects such as Easy to enjoy, Sesame Blossom and brand selection.Ark holdings group (shenzhen) co., LTD. Is a Gu Muyun build “ark” belongs to the holding company of the enterprise, its independent operation set prescription boat (guangdong) co., science and technology, based on the domestic medical health industry, focus on providing digital medicine Internet solutions, Internet research and development of science and technology innovation and overall comprehensive network technology service company operating solutions.It has successfully launched nearly 20 sets of Internet digital operation and management systems, such as B2B digital pharmaceutical wholesale trading system and Jiprescrizhou online Pharmaceutical City.The basic goal for 2022 is to cover 1,500 cities and counties with offline digital experience stores and 20 million end users.Through the integration of superior resources to cultivate core competitiveness and new growth poles, enterprises will make new strides toward high-quality and leapfrog development.In the 19th century, and for a long time before that, the richest province in China was not the developed provinces of today, but Shanxi, which gave birth to the Three Jin dynasties and was called “Bioli-shanhe”.In the old days, it was said that “where there are sparrows, there are merchants from Shanxi” and “Jing Normal University jia Shu Jin people”.Jin merchants, together with chao merchants and Huizhou merchants, were once known as China’s three business groups.Jin shang is a group of shanxi merchants who originated in the early Ming Dynasty and developed in the Qing Dynasty.Jin merchants, known as “spanning nine thousand miles across Europe and Asia and dominating the business world for 500 years”, were famous for their salt industry, tea and bank accounts, leaving a brilliant page in the commercial history of Our country.The compound of Shanxi merchants is the glorious witness of shanxi merchants in the past, and the historical relics, stories of ancient books, business experience and entrepreneurial spirit of The Jin merchants remain till now, which constitute the rich connotation of the Jin merchants culture.As the birthplace of Jin Shang, Shanxi still has many famous Jin Shang courtyards in yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, such as Wang’s courtyard, Qiao’s courtyard and Cao’s courtyard.In the opinion of jia Muyun, a new generation of Jin merchants, jin merchants culture and spirit are the soul of jin merchants, especially the spirit passed from generation to generation, which runs through the whole process of business practice such as management consciousness, organization management and mental accomplishment, including enterprising spirit, professional dedication and group spirit.The essence of the spirit of Jin merchants has been developed and sublimated in the inheritance. The success of the new generation of Jin merchants is inseparable from the enterprising spirit, the business culture of honesty and trustfulness, and the management wisdom of seeking innovation and progress in changing, in addition to the broad mind and long-term open vision.From a coal boss labeled “tuhao” to the chairman of a group company with dozens of subsidiaries and tens of billions of dollars in assets;In the past years, it has been honored as “Top ten Business Leaders of China’s Economy” and “Annual Leader of China’s New Economy”. In 2021, it will be honored as “China’s Economic Innovator in the New Era” and “China’s Economic Innovator in the New Era”.Nourished and encouraged by the spirit of Jin merchants, Jia Muyun set out from his hometown with his industrial dream, never forgot his original aspiration, forged ahead and created a business map from Shanxi to the whole country.Relying on the wisdom and boldness, diligence and enterprising of the new generation of Jin merchants, he seized the opportunity, boldly explored and innovated, and created an industrial empire worthy of being recorded in the annals of business history.When the Spring Festival of 2022 is coming, Jia Muyun hopes that Yitong Group will become a world-renowned Internet brand enterprise as soon as possible, and hopes to create more listed companies on the main board in the next five years.The new journey has begun, the new hope is growing, the new blueprint is drawing, the “dawn” is at hand!