Bytedance launches independent e-commerce sites DMONSTUDIO and YC in Africa: Early entry and long-term layout

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Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to this edition of Sea Weekly.In the past week, the most representative news selected by Pte Is: the launch of an independent e-commerce website DMONSTUDIO, which makes ByteDance’s overseas e-commerce map more complete.According to the official website of DMONSTUDIO, the women’s clothing website is now available in more than 100 countries around the world and has overseas warehouses. Users can receive products within 5-15 working days.Compared to SHEIN, DMONSTUDIO has a higher price range of $20 to $40 for popular items.Although the start date is not known, social media reports confirm that the site was officially operational in November 2021.DMONSTUDIO’s first Facebook feed was published on November 14, 2021, with 11.11 Promotions. Instagram was first updated on December 1, 2021. Pinterest is not yet active.With its staggering number of active users, TikTok is well on its way to becoming “a source of traffic on par with the likes of Google and Meta.”Bytedance, which controls traffic, is trying to build an e-commerce ecosystem based on TikTok.TikTok Shop keeps users on the platform and enriches their shopping experience through livestreamed shopping.After entering the UK and Indonesia in 2021, TikTok Shop will enter more Southeast Asian countries in 2022.In December 2021, ByteDance launched Fanno, a cross-border e-commerce app for European users. Consumers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France can use the platform to purchase household products, 3C products, pets and other department stores.Some industry insiders believe that the opportunities offered by the platform for sellers are similar to those offered by AliExpress in its earlier years.The launch of DMONSTUDIO means that ByteDance not only has marketing and purchase volume business, TikTok platform e-commerce services, B2C e-commerce platform, but also has an independent site in overseas e-commerce business.The smooth operation of DMONSTUDIO shows that ByteDance has made new breakthroughs in overseas logistics and warehousing, and the global company’s overseas e-commerce business map is more complete.Before reading other important news for the second week of February, please scan the qr code below to add a little assistant and join the community.Scan the qr code, add a little helper into little m India announced that cooperate with shell, the millet products for sale in the Indian station PinWan on February 8th, millet, India announced, according to the market to establish partnership with shell, five station to pilot in bangalore, India, millet, digital product sales.”The gas stations will sell products around the clock, including portable electric air compressors, Mi Band 5, razors, earphones, charging banks and more.”On February 8, Cross-border Communications released the latest announcement, claiming that the transferee of shares in the sale of Paterson has 615 million yuan to be paid.In March 2021, Cross-border Tong announced the sale of patoxin, a subsidiary, for 2.02 billion yuan, with equity transferees including Yiteng, SHEIN affiliate, Oki, Bytedance affiliate, Shunwei Dollar Fund, etc.The non-payment includes several transferees, including SHEIN affiliate Heshun Dollar Fund, which said it wanted to terminate the acquisition “in view of a material adverse change in the target company’s main business.”In the first half of 2021, the disturbance caused by amazon platform closure obviously affects the decision of the transferee.Gojek, the southeast Asian ride-hailing giant, announced the launch of Its GoCar Premium on-demand mobility service in Singapore on Feb 14.The service provides upscale vehicles with more comfortable and spacious riding space for users.GoCar Premium follows Gojek’s launch of GoCar XL, GoCorp and GoTaxi in Singapore.Shopee has started applying for its first trainee program in Brazil. The company plans to select and train 20 young talents for operations, products, business realization, human resources, marketing and other fields.Since Shopee has grown, the company and Lazada have split in e-commerce in Southeast Asia.Lazada was invested in by Alibaba in 2016, and Alibaba remains one of Shopee’s competitors after it entered the Brazilian market.Aliexpress entered Brazil in 2010 and Shopee in late 2019.At present, Shopee is open to local businesses in Brazil.In 2021, Genshin Impact, an open-world RPG, was the most talked about game on Twitter and Reddit, and it made an incredible amount of money.In the next few years, the 2-dimensional open world game circuit will likely be flooded with more players.”Genshin-linke” has been used to describe the open world game “seven SINS: Origins” after South Korea’s Netstone released its real PV, according to a report on the public platform.For Korean game companies, Perfect World’s open world game Tower will be released this year, and The two-yuan open world game Noah’s Heart, developed by Zulong Entertainment and distributed by Tencent, has recently started testing.YC announced New Deal terms in January this year, increasing its single investment from $125,000 to $500,000. African entrepreneurs and investors are paying close attention to the change.African companies that have graduated from YC have continued to perform well, with 15 African startups in the YC summer batch of 2021, the largest number of African companies in a single batch.