Remember, the caviar that westerners love to eat is made in China

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If there’s a food that makes you gulp in your dreams, it’s on the list: scoop up a spoonful with a shell spoon and place it in the mouth of a tiger, then crush it up with the tip of your tongue and palate.Round, golden, frozen roe popping one by one, the texture, it’s like waves dancing in your mouth.The next thing you know, a fresh, sweet smell hits your nose, with a hint of nutty flavor on the finish. The combination of the rich juices and taste buds can only be described as fresh.This eating method will be more delicious to the peak, the caviar evenly spread on the bread, plus a layer of cream, wheat, caviar fresh fragrance, silk into the nose, endless.This is how delicious it is!It was so good that I cried.In the tasting meeting, colleagues’ “greedy mouth” performance, enough to prove how delicious it is, before the photo was taken, it was swept away, the photographer was stunned.This was the sound uttered by all who had eaten it: HMMM!Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!”After this bite, I finally understand why caviar is one of the three most expensive foods in the world,” the model said.No wonder, each big food home gluttonous people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for it, Mr. CAI LAN also once listed it as “must eat before you die” food.Only, do I deserve such noble food?A single meal in a five-star restaurant can cost thousands of dollars. One bite won’t cost you a month’s salary, will it?Unexpectedly, the buyer told us that the kaluga caviar we brought to you today is not expensive at all, only 100 yuan, you can taste world-class delicacies!7 years · Premium Grade: Soft on the palate, with a hint of ocean and a fresh aftertaste how it can maintain its high quality at this price.Reveal key words in advance: Za Chinese is cow!As long as caviar is mentioned, it can not be separated from these labels: exclusive to royalty and rich people, a mouthful of gold, expensive death!There are only three kinds of wild sturgeon eggs in the world. The earliest sources of caviar in the world are Iran and Russia, which is the most expensive caviar.○ Wild sturgeon production is low, overfishing situation is serious, now nearly extinct;○ Long breeding cycle and high cost, from birth to spawning, it takes more than 7-20 years, a mouthful of roe, behind is more than 10 years of waiting.○ Caviar must go through a group of professional chefs to make it into the market.For those of you who know anything about caviar, a jar of high-quality Russian caviar can sell for hundreds of thousands.But Russia’s caviar supremacy has now been shattered by China.Zhejiang Kaluga produced caviar, not only the quantity of Russia, quality, we do not lose.The price is not to mention, as a domestic brand, in order to let the common people can taste the ultimate delicious, Kaluga put the price to the lowest.When I searched for information, I found that a well-known American media once reported that the best caviar in the world is no longer in Russia, but in China.The recognition of Caviar produced in China is due to the advantages bestowed by nature and the “craftsmanship” that the Chinese people have adhered to for 23 years.First of all, let’s talk about natural advantages. Qiandao Lake is a famous scenic spot in Hangzhou, with clear water and picturesque seasons.But few people know that, in addition to the scenery, it also produces the world’s best caviar.The pristine, ecologically protected lake at my feet was full of lively, free-spirited sturgeon species imported from the Caspian Sea.Close to the wild and natural environment and low temperature and cold water nourish the excellent quality of Kaluga caviar.Then there’s the art of making caviar.Caviar industry has a saying: only “salted sturgeon eggs”, with the title of “caviar”.It depends on the size, color, softness, aroma and taste of the roe.Too much salt will ruin the taste, and too little salt will be difficult to preserve. To achieve the right delicate balance, caviar chefs will no doubt rely on their “skillful hands”.* The current average annual salary for caviar chefs in the world is $75,330.This is where the advantage of Kaluga caviar comes into play, with artisan mariners.Can be in 15 minutes to complete 16 work continued, take eggs, to miscellaneous, ancient low salted……All in one go.The preserved caviar is round and full with bright and transparent color.Over the years, it has won the first place among many caviar at home and abroad with its light black gold luster and unique fat aroma, becoming legendary delicious.Caviar is one of the world’s top three delicacies along with foie gras and truffles, but I personally prefer caviar more.Caviar is amazing with just about anyone, from eggs on top to noodles, seafood on the bottom, desserts, snow on the top, and even the locals.To eat at home, enjoy delicious pasta caviar | originally common in garlic and oil, the family food, had the blessing of caviar, instantly become senior Michelin restaurant.A mouthful of noodles with caviar wrapped in scallion oil, the mixture of scallion flavor and fresh salt, so delicious that the whole body is amazed and the pupils dilate.Crisp cucumber mix caviar | cucumber in the caviar of the blasting on collocation, bite and enjoy in the ear “bam bam” voice, “isalso” chewing in the mouth, is very enjoyable.”Hot spring eggs caviar | will be boiled down to a hot spring eggs, eggs with cold put caviar, entrance sweet soft tasty, my children love to eat.When treating guests, reveal savour.through tower frozen lobster crab caviar with broccoli | mud all over the world take up to a Michelin star (24) of the late French chef Joel see it served as the classic culinary.Crab meat, caviar on top, a piece of edible gold foil, surrounded by lobster jelly, dotted with broccoli puree, exquisite, like art.Caviar | caviar collocation with fish fish is my beloved how to eat, the aroma of fish fat blasting with brackish mixed taste, will put you on a cloud.Caviar with wine | love wine, the sisters must try caviar, pulp from blasting out full iced fish roe, surging ocean breath occupy your taste buds, and sip wine, can burst out of the fireworks in my mind.Caviar is rich in a variety of nutrients, fitness people can add protein, pregnant women and pregnant sisters can add folic acid, adults and children can add DHA and trace elements.