The big data of marriage registration in Anhui Province in 2021 is coming!The average age of both men and women at their first marriage is over 30

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Xinan Evening News anhui Network Big Anhui News in 2021 how many couples in Anhui province to set up a family?Which city has the most marriages?How effective has the divorce cooling-off period been since it was implemented one year ago?On Feb 16, the Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department released the big data of marriage registration in 2021.Xinan Evening News, and Anhui News reporters found that in 2021, the civil affairs authorities in The province handled 421,472 marriage registrations (including 57,316 reregistrations), among which Fuyang city ranked first in terms of marriage registrations.The effect of divorce cooling-off period is remarkable.Key words: marriage Fuyang city, Hefei City, Bozhou City marriage registration volume ranks the first three in the province in 2021, the province has how many couples into the marriage hall?Xinan Evening News, and Anhui News reporters noted that in 2021, civil affairs authorities in the province handled 421,472 marriage registrations (including 57,316 reregistrations), down 10.68 percent from the total number of marriage registrations in 2020.Among them, 421,153 marriages were registered for mainland residents, and 319 for foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and overseas Chinese.From the annual trend of the number of marriage registration, the number of marriage registration in the province has declined in recent five years.In recent five years, the number of marriage registrations in the province is 673,184 in 2017, 617,301 in 2018, 539,275 in 2019, 471,313 in 2020, and 421,472 in 2021.From the marriage registration of the parties in the province: 625,987 people first marriage, accounting for 74.26%, 37,186 remarriage couples, accounting for 8.82%, remarriage 216,319 people, accounting for 25.74%.In terms of the logarithmic distribution of marriage registration among mainland residents, the number of marriage registration in Fuyang city, Hefei city and Bozhou City ranks the top three in the whole province.Among them, fuyang 66,813 pairs, Hefei 57,166 pairs, bozhou 43,355 pairs.In terms of marriage age, the average age of first marriage in the province in 2021 will be 31.89 years for men and 30.73 years for women, 39.06 years for men and 37.45 years for women, and 40.74 years for men and 37.63 years for women.The reporter found that more than 50.3 percent of men and 45.73 percent of women chose to register their marriages between the ages of 25 and 34.In the traditional concept of China, there is a saying that “three women in college embrace gold bricks”.Data show that in 2021, in the number of marriage registration in Anhui province, women who are 1-3 years older than men account for the second place, with 93,141 couples, accounting for 22.10%, more than 20%.What were the most popular dates for couples in the past year?The largest number of marriages were registered on May 20, 2021, according to data collated by the Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau.In addition, the reporter also noted that feb 18, 2021, the first working day after the Spring Festival, also saw a large number of marriages registered, with 4,765 couples, ranking seventh among the 10 most popular wedding registration days for couples.Since the implementation of the Civil Code on January 1, 2021, civil affairs departments of the province have earnestly implemented the divorce cooling-off period system, and the system has achieved remarkable results.In 2021, 220721 cases of divorce registration were accepted and 112,529 cases of divorce registration were completed (including 112,478 cases for mainland residents and 51 cases for foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and overseas Chinese), accounting for 50.98% of the total number of divorce registration applications. The number of completed divorce registration decreased by 46.05% compared with the same period last year.108192 divorce applications that are withdrawn or not handled within the cooling-off period are regarded as withdrawn, accounting for 49.02%;15704 couples are in the divorce cooling-off period or registration and issuing period, but have not been settled yet. They will continue to be handled from one year to 2022.Xin ‘an Evening News, and Anhui News reporters combed through the data and found that 45,886 couples, accounting for 40.8 percent of all divorces, had their marriages last less than five years in 2021.Key words:Registration service of three cities to realize inter-district do 21300 couples in the city to make an appointment the marriage registration in 2021, hefei, wuhu, chuzhou, realize the marriage registration in interregional office, Hong Kong residents for marriage registration have more choice, marriage registration got more sufficient utilization of resources, a total of 2380 for cross-regional marriage registration,Of these, 1,874 married and 506 divorced.In 2021, anhui provincial department of promote the building of the marriage registration information, the province’s 111 marriage registration office, a total of 434 set high shoot apparatus, id card reader in the integration of intelligent equipment, all parties to the marriage registration in accordance with the provisions, check status, cities and counties in marriage registration business efficiency, digital archives management, license application, data, co-ordinated electronically sharing.Vigorously carry out the “Internet + marriage service”, Anhui province marriage registration reservation system provides website, Wanshitong APP and other multi-channel reservation services, and has a time-sharing reservation function.A total of 21,382 marriage registration appointments were made in 2021.111 the marriage registration authority in realizing a complete coverage of marriage and family counseling office configuration in 2021, the province’s marriage registration authority in strict accordance with the “standard of marriage registration work in anhui province” and other normative documents requirements, according to the provincial department of deployment, to strengthen the construction of marriage management service standardization, the province’s 111 marriage registration authority for realizing a complete coverage of marriage and family counseling office configuration,More than 22,000 marriage and family counseling services have been provided, including newlywed counseling, psychological adjustment, dispute mediation and legal counseling.In recent years, the provincial department of active implementation of the Ministry of Civil Affairs “about carrying out the reform of marriage customs work guidance”, issued by the implementation plan, study and formulate “about promoting the province HunSangShi appropriate guidance of transforming social traditions, throughout the province to carry out the reform of marriage customs, through innovative examination culture carrier, strengthen education to guide people to marriage and family end,We will address unhealthy social practices such as bad marriage habits, sky-high bride price, social comparison, extravagance and waste, and bad marriage, and help marriages and families to be happy and stable.In September 2021, Baohe District, Ma ‘anshan and County of Hefei city were successfully selected into the second batch of national marriage custom reform experimental areas list, and confirmed that baohe District of Hefei City, Huaiyuan County of Bengbu City, Taihe County of Fuyang City, Ma ‘anshan and County, Yi ‘an District of Tongling City, And Jing County of Xuancheng City are anhui Province marriage custom reform experimental areas.At the same time, in order to further implement the reform requirements of “decentralization of administration and services”, promote the transformation of government functions and facilitate the handling of affairs by the masses, hefei, Bengbu, Wuhu and Fuyang were selected to carry out the one-year pilot reform of foreign-related marriage registration to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign-related marriage registration.Xin ‘an Evening News Anhui network news reporter Yin Zhiqiang editor Wang Cui statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)