There is no need to race these species

2022-04-30 0 By

It is said that every pigeon has a chance to compete, but the quality of the pigeon can be very different.Sometimes there are exceptions, but those exceptions don’t really mean anything.After all, you are in pigeon racing for a long time, and the rewards of individual cases don’t mean much.So don’t hold back, normal pigeons have a better chance of going to the race.So which pigeons don’t really need to take chances?First, pigeons with obvious degeneration, such as muscle failure, feathers failure and so on.This kind of pigeon should not be said to go to the competition, even training should not be trained, there is no great significance.They don’t do so well on a regular basis, and they do even worse on a race day.Second, pigeons that were sick during the race, they were basically lost during the race.Pigeons with small problems are generally lost, even if they come back will not have any good results.Therefore, you must pay attention to prevention at ordinary times, as far as possible to avoid the situation of illness during the competition in early summer, otherwise the treatment is basically too late to recover.Generally speaking, pigeons can be trained to race.But this depends on your early choice and elimination, and also depends on your usual breeding training is not done quite in place, pigeon health is not guaranteed, the state is good.