When a 69-year-old man was sentenced to two years for robbery in 2008, he protested that the sentence was too light: why five years

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On September 8, 2008, 69-year-old Fu Daxin arrived at the Beijing railway station with a knife. His first target was a policeman who was buying mineral water.Why the police?”The police shouldn’t beat people,” He said afterwards.But the policeman paid no attention to the wizened old man, who looked more like a down-and-out wanderer in the sea of passengers.Wilson walked boldly towards the policeman, but before he could come he turned and walked the other way.Fu Daxin stopped and breathed a sigh of relief. Although he had drunk a few cups of erguotou before coming, it was the first time in his life to rob, or hit the police, and tension was inevitable.After a short rest, Fairchild began to look for a new target.He arrives at the ticket office and watches the long line slowly move forward. This time he has his eye on a middle-aged woman, for she is holding a wad of money and looks rich.He walked slowly up to the woman, and when she wasn’t looking, he yanked a piece of money out of her hand.Startled, the woman turned to see Him smiling at her and the mutilated banknotes in his hand.The robber robbed the money and did not run nor cry, just standing there smiling silly, as if in anticipation of something.Looking angry and confused, the woman tries to get the money back from Him, but is scared to see the knife in his hand.”Crazy!The woman walked away swearing and waited at another window. She took him for a lunatic.Wilson stood there stunned. Things didn’t seem to be going the way he expected.”I was angry of ah, she didn’t ignore me, even shout don’t shout, she shout police don’t come?””He said afterwards.Two failed robberies in a row didn’t make Fuddchen lose heart. “It’s only three things,” he consoled himself, and the experience made him less nervous.When He reached a flower bed on the west side of the square, he saw a young girl with a bag waiting for a bus.”Give me the bag!”The girl was as startled as the woman and turned to see a man as old as her grandfather holding a knife to her.The girl thought he was joking and even looked around to make sure the lanky man was talking to her until He reached for the bag.The girl shouted for help as she clung to her backpack.Wilson, who was not strong or physically strong, was dragging the bag with the girl.But Fu Daxin didn’t want to let go and kept urging the girl, “Shout harder!”More and more onlookers, for a while not to tell whether this is a robbery, or the girl’s elders begged the girl not to go.Patrol officers soon arrived, subdued Fu and took him to the police station.When he got into the police car, Fu daxin breathed a sigh of relief as if he had accomplished something, and after all, it was his first time in a police car, he was still a little excited.”Crazy!Passers-by around him pointed at him, but he did not care.When Fu Arrived at the police station, he was very cooperative with the police and even asked the police to write more details about his crime and write more serious details.”I’ve never seen such a cooperative criminal in my career as a policeman…”The police who were involved in the investigation were even puzzled by his motive. When asked why he did this, Thomson only said, “To get a few more years in prison.”On November 24, the court began a robbery trial against Wilson.The total value of fu Daxin’s robbery was about 9000 yuan, but due to the attempted robbery, no other losses were caused, and his good attitude and active cooperation after being arrested, the court decided to give Fu Daxin a light punishment, and sentenced him to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of 6000 yuan.Fu was so worried that he quarreled with the judge in court: “I robbed so much money and took a knife. How could you sentence me to 5 years? How could you sentence me to 2 years?””What if I can’t support myself after two years?Your sentence is too light!””If I have to, I’ll rob again and go back to prison!”The judge, like the middle-aged woman who had been robbed at the time, had an angry but confused look on his face. He was angry at The contempt for the order of the court and puzzled that he had never seen such a request before.What on earth is the reason for Fudaxin to go to prison, but also take the initiative to request a heavy sentence?In fact, in Fu Da Xin’s opinion, this old man from Hunan was also “forced” into prison, and the real reason was also sad.After dropping out of middle school, Fu Daxin began to drift around to work. Later, after coming to Ruili, Yunnan province, he raised ducks to make a better life and built a house.However is not what reason, one day the duck that raises is poisoned all dead, the life once fell into predicament.Later borrowed money to do a period of time to resell vegetables business, but the result also lost several thousand.Since then, I’ve been running small businesses to make ends meet.At the age of 56, Fu Dasin chose to return to his hometown in Hunan province.His mother passed away and all his brothers and sisters lived in another province, so he was the only one in the village. The villagers didn’t know much about this strange fellow. Fu Daxin was more like a stranger in the village.Although the family owns land, Fudaxin is too old to plant it, so he gives it back to the government and gets a living allowance of 300 yuan a year, or 0.9 yuan a day.Later, it went up to 700 yuan, but for him, it was only enough to keep him from starving.An egg costs 80 cents in the village, so Every meal Fudaxin eats is boiled rice.Electricity had just come to the village, but it cost 600 yuan to install an electricity meter, so Fudaxin’s family had to light candles at night, sometimes without candles, and had to work in the dark.As he got older, He was afraid of getting sick, so every visit to the doctor cost him a year.In 2008, at the age of 69, Fu daxin left his hometown again to make a living in Guangxi. All he could do was collect waste, but the manual work of hauling waste around on three wheels every day was tough.Until one day, an old piece of news in an old newspaper gave him “hope.”There was an article in the newspaper about a man who chose to retaliate against the society because he had no money for medical treatment and was finally sent to prison. As a result, the state helped him get cured of his illness free of charge in prison, so Fudaxin had the idea of committing crimes and going to prison for retirement.In order to get a longer sentence without hurting anyone, he studied a number of cases and finally chose robbery with a knife, which seemed to be a bad crime. The place was Beijing, because Beijing is the capital, and the sentence should be heavier in the capital.In this way, It took Him more than a month to get to Beijing.When he just arrived in Beijing, he stayed in a hotel in Beijing railway station with his savings from collecting waste products and prepared to start again in two days. Maybe he also knew that he would never get out of prison at this age. It would be good to have a look at the bustling capital before entering.I don’t know why the hotel refused to take him back the next day, perhaps because he was old and dirty and bothered other guests.Having no choice, Fudaxin decided to start early, and that’s what happened at the beginning of the article.After the verdict, though unconvinced and without an appeal (or precedent), He decided to get used to his time in prison.After entering prison, He said, he finally stopped wandering around. He had a bed, clothes, toiletries and, most importantly, three meals a day, especially meat. Before entering prison, he had not eaten meat for at least two years.He said that when he first tasted meat in prison, he couldn’t even swallow it, and his expression made fellow inmates laugh.In Changsha prison, there are eggs for breakfast and ribs for lunch.However, for Him, steamed bread is his favorite, because he had a stomach operation in his middle age and his stomach was not very comfortable, but steamed bread can neutralize his excessive stomach acid, so eating steamed bread can make his stomach comfortable.In the eyes of his fellow inmates, Fu Daxin was a real “go-to person”, never picky about food, and could always clean up food that others could not finish.After entering prison 3 months, Fu Daxin gained 10 catties.Everyone else is here for prison, but he looks like he’s on vacation.Inmates over the age of 60 were not required to work in a labor camp, so At first He woke up every day to walk in the prison garden during his free time, resting in his cell while others were working.When Fudaxin was young, his grades were very good, but his family was poor and the free school stopped running, which changed his life.As long as he had spare time, he would read books and newspapers at the newsstand of the internal bookstore, recite Tang Poems and practice writing. When there were other inmates, he would play chess and watch the news broadcast at 7 PM on time. Therefore, although he was in prison, he seemed to know everything and kept pace with The Times.Due to regular medical check-ups in prison, Fu Daxin also took the opportunity to have his first medical check-up.Physical examination results are not good: cerebrovascular sclerosis, hyperosteogeny, double kidney stones, prostatitis.For an old person, these diseases are very deadly, especially cerebrovascular sclerosis.In fact, it was an old problem for Fudaxin. In the past, he had to lie alone on a shabby bed to fight the disease. However, people would come to see him every day in the prison and the doctor would consult him on time.In fact, it’s fair to say that the prison care probably extended The life span of Dasshin, since dasshin would not have been able to get to a big hospital under his condition.Fu said the guards were gentle and never spoke to him out loud. On fu’s 70th birthday, the guards and fellow inmates threw a birthday party for him, and the guards made noodles and eggs for him.He had always wanted time to pass more slowly in prison, and here he felt the warmth he had never felt before.A year later, however, Wilson was informed that his sentence would be reduced and he would be released six months early.The reason is because he did a good job, pleaded guilty.But the news came as a bolt from the blue for Dasshin, who did not know what to do after he was released. The words “unhappy” were printed on his face as he told the prison guards that he would not accept the reduction of his sentence and refused to write a letter of repentance.’There’s nothing to regret!This time It seemed that Letter was like a convict in prison.However, the prison seemed to be determined to reduce his sentence. When Fuda xin refused to write a letter of repentance, he asked his fellow inmates to help him write a letter of repentance. On March 7, 2010, Fuda Xin was finally released half a year ahead of schedule.But pay letter worry is redundant, the government took into account the actual situation of pay letter, so after his release directly sent him to hengyang City, Hunan Province, Qi East County Ling Guan town nursing home, to solve the pay letter to eat and live and medical problems, Ling guan town civil administration office peng director also personally to visit.Fu Da Xin appreciated the government’s concern for him, but he said:”Don’t want a commutation of their sentences”, “to the life here miss prison” “in the jail, the other people ask me to smoke is 10 pieces of a pack of, can now only 1.8 pieces of a pack of smoke, and don’t smoke” pay marsh experience to cause the attention of the local government, with the development of the country, many things to keep up with the lag, we should pay more attention to the problem of rural elderly endowment,The nursing home where Freddy lives was built in 2009 and was relatively new when freddy moved in.The government has increased funding, and many people like Fudasin have moved into nursing homes, securing their old age.The nursing home will give the old man living expenses and support money every month, to ensure the daily expenses of the old man, although Fu Daxin still said that it is not as good as prison, but he is relatively satisfied with such a life.”I’m free now, I’ll eat what eat what” actually to pay for the likes of marsh, before the rest don’t work hard, not just some people did not help him get rid of poverty, pay marsh said he also know that crime is bad, should depend on the labor of supporting himself, but it is the old do not move, it had to do it.But Letter’s behavior is not recommended, criminal behavior is not desirable regardless of subjective motivation.Fudaxin was given a light sentence largely because he did not cause actual losses, and the process of committing a crime is difficult to predict. If it caused the loss of other people’s property or even health and life, the consequences would be much more serious.When Fu Daxin was 83, he spent 30 yuan on a portrait of himself, which he said was a portrait of himself. He also wrote a will asking for a simple funeral, but for a few songs by the best local drumming troupe, one of his few hobbies.