A daily increase of 6,116 cases!The upgraded Omicron invades the country!Emergency remind

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1 a daily increase of 6116 cases!Who would have thought that in 2022, Hong Kong, once the most prosperous city in Asia, would still have such a scene as the picture below?Some do not even have a bed to sleep in, even after sleeping on the street for two nights, they cannot wait for a hospital bed.According to CCTV news, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong SAR Government announced On Monday that 6,116 new COVID-19 cases had been confirmed in Hong Kong as of midnight today.As of now, Hong Kong has 37,071 confirmed cases of COVID-19.Three people in Shenzhen have been identified as Omicron BA.2, guangming reported yesterday.Ba.2 is an “upgraded” version of the Omicron strain.On February 12, shenzhen reported a confirmed case of a Hong Kong cross-border truck driver who was infected with the virus from the ba.2 evolutionary branch of Omicron variant.It is nearly 1.5 times more potent than Omicron Ba.1, with dozens of mutations different.The source of “0212” was confirmed to be Hong Kong.Since February 4, Shenzhen has detected more than 50 imported cases of cross-border lorry drivers from Hong Kong.At the same time, Hong Kong was facing a new peak of the epidemic.Multiple strains of Delta, Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 were transmitted in a mixed way.Let’s start with the beginning of the epidemic in Hong Kong.On January 13, a Pakistani woman contracted the virus in a hotel.She then returned to her residence and moved around kwai Chung Village.Kwai Chung village in Hong Kong has become one of the centres of the outbreak.The Pakistani woman was found to have been infected with the ba.2 strain of Omicron.It’s highly contagious.One and a half times stronger than the original Omicron strain.Previous outbreaks in Hong Kong have been sporadic.Since then, the epidemic has struck back and spiraled out of control.The people who suffer most, of course, are ordinary people.A centenarian and a three-year-old girl were among the new deaths.Hong Kong daily new tested positive Numbers and the average 7 days photo source: Hong Kong department of health centre for health protection, according to sing tao daily of Hong Kong hospital authority, according to a 100 – year – old female patient with chronic diseases, on Feb. 14 for a preliminary diagnosis of COVID isolation treatment – 19 at tseung kwan o hospital, 15 days later the situation worse, in the evening at 8 01 separation.In addition, a three-year-old girl was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital on February 13 and was in critical and deteriorating condition. She passed away at 8:37 PM on February 15, becoming the youngest person to die of COVID-19 in Hong Kong.For Hong Kong, it is precisely because of the low vaccination rate of the elderly that “lying flat” is not an option!If Hong Kong were to lie flat like Europe and America because of the low vaccination rate among the elderly, the consequences would be worse than Europe and America!2 urgent reminder: How can Hong Kong get out of the epidemic?The latest news is that the director of the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention personally leads the team to coordinate the support.That is, if the people of Hong Kong cooperate.What I would like to see more is that those who are still debating whether they are Hong Kong people will wake up.No matter how much you downplay this epidemic, it’s proven to be deadly, and you never know if you or your family will be next.Fixing it is the most important thing.In the face of the epidemic, “human nature” is the most unreliable, without a strict system, it is impossible to stop the transmission.Assuming that most people are aware of it, and only 10% of them are unaware of it, then those people are walking around the community enough to transmit a highly contagious virus to 10 other people, and the end result is a different kind of “zero out” : everyone without immune protection gets infected, reaching zero out.The only way for Hong Kong to recover from the epidemic is by accelerating the approval and accessibility of oral antiviral drugs and increasing the vaccination rate.Hong Kong is at the most critical moment, but judging from what we know so far, the omicron epidemic is coming and going fast!So, we’re two or three weeks away from a tipping point.There are no eggs under the nest!The virus is fierce, we must not be taken lightly, at this stage, we must adhere to the epidemic prevention and control, until the final victory over it!Watch + share and remind everyone