A man who assaulted a police officer while drunk has been jailed for five months

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, Hunan Xiangtan City Yuetang District people’s Court heard a case of attacking police, the defendant Hu was sentenced to detention for five months.One day in September of 2021, the defendant Hu Mou drunk a crossroads in xiangtan city yue pond area store door, beat li mou, li mou hence hid into the store, Hu Mou have repeatedly entered the store, for li mou and to stop the store employees strict some people such as beating, injuring a yan, li mou and immediately report to the police, civilian police wang mou and auxiliary police ryu called police.Uniformed police wang and auxiliary police Liu arrived at the scene, li and others to understand the situation, Hu suddenly rushed forward with his left hand hit the police Wang right face a punch, resulting in wang injured.Hu was taken back to the public security organs after the investigation.After identification, Wang mou suffered a minor injury.After the incident, Hu compensated for the loss, obtained wang mou’s understanding.The court heard that the defendant Hu mou violent attack is the people’s police who perform their duties according to law, its behavior constitutes the crime of assaulting police.Hu mou to the case truthfully confessed their crimes, and voluntary confession, obtained the victim Wang mou’s understanding, the court decided to light punishment according to law.According to the facts, circumstances, nature of the crime and the degree of harm to society, then make the above judgment.Source: Chinadaily.com.cn