Can not miss the high quality action game, play endurance is very high, depending on your graphics card line

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Hello, dear friends, I am your big T.Each player must be interested in high quality games, because a perfect quality, also represents a perfect game levels in appearance, it is very important, at the same time, the picture is real, game experience is the stronger, more is absorbed, but the picture, the better, the higher the demand for computer configuration, that is to recommend a few high quality action games,Every one of them is very playable, regardless of your graphics card.Marvel Avengers is released on September 4, 2020, on Steam for PC, and on PS4 and Xbox.It is a sci-fi, third-person action game based on the Marvel Universe. It uses the same physics engine as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and is very good in terms of graphics and detail. It also supports ray tracing, which brings great visual effects to players.You can play hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, and the new Ms. Marvel, and more Marvel heroes will be added to the DLC.The game is divided into single-player story mode, which can interspersed experience the story of different characters, and multi-player mode, which can cooperate online to complete specific levels or story campaigns, and also can be multi-player confrontation. The game is highly playable, but it requires high CPU and graphics card requirements.Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on October 26, 2021. It is also a third-person sci-fi action game based on the Marvel Universe. Compared with the previous generation of Marvel Avengers, it has significantly improved graphics and high configuration requirements.You need a graphics card above RTX2070 to be smooth, but the content of the game does not make you regret it.Compared to the previous generation, this game is more simple, the story of more clear, in the single player campaign, players can only operating “star jue” quests, in part to operating card magic, rocket raccoons, ents grout, and the destroyer drax, every character has a variety of accessories, skin and various skills both plot battle,Or multiplayer co-op mode, it’s fun to play.Death ran aground, the death is stranded “island show complete 5” metal gear solid, after leaving the konami to create the first of the new 3 a, launched in November 8, 2019 games, is a very creative open world, the third person action game, game and normal similar games are different, the death ran aground inside a bit biased towards the goods transportation,For most of the experience, it’s transporting goods over mountains, and the terrain is difficult, scary, dangerous, and full of challenges.Regular players of Kojima’s games know that he makes games with mind-numbing stories that can be hard to figure out after a second playthrough.One of the highlights of Death Stranding is that many of the main characters are well-known actors. Even the protagonist Sam, who is controlled by the player, is also a familiar “Crossbow brother”, and the rest is not to say, anyone who has played will know.As for the configuration of this game, it inherits the characteristics of Metal Gear Solid 5. The optimization is in place and it runs smoothly. However, since it is a large game, it definitely needs certain graphics card configuration.Final fantasy 15 “normal” final fantasy “is played by the RPG turn-based game, people can only adjust the options when fighting, and can’t direct operation characters to fight, only in the other parts, occasionally walking can control characters, the game for action game player, are generally don’t accept, that is boring.But unexpectedly, after 20 years of “Final Fantasy” old IP has also come a gorgeous turn, in November 29, 2016, launched the 15th generation of work, the adoption of the open world, completely become a third person action game can always let players operate.Game both picture, style, style, character modelling, etc., are all new, and a high degree of freedom, playability strong, in the huge world, can interact with NPCS, can interact with animal, can also help a stranger, fight can also be determined by the players themselves, feel like a “devil may cry” the operation of combat.While the game is great, the specs are unfriendly, and even though it’s from 2016, if you have a video card below 1060, it probably won’t run properly.It’s like a spin-off from the Star Wars franchise, and it’s out on November 15th, 2019. We’ve played normal Star Wars games that are first-person shooters, but Star Wars Jedi:Fallen Knights, on the other hand, is a third-person action game with an emphasis on adventure and puzzle-solving, a combination of parkour, climbing, and fighting entirely with a lightsaber instead of shooting.This game is also very pay attention to the story, the plot is close to sixty percent of the content of CG, long process at the same time, experience, in the adventure, difficulty is higher, need puzzles in order to reach into different area, and when climbing, and looking for skills, if not careful error, it may have to start from scratch, to experience the game,You can even feel like Tomb Raider.In terms of specs, the game is fairly friendly, but poorly configured consoles won’t work.This is the end of the game, I am your big T, want to know more, please remember to pay attention, next time continue to update you.