Chongqing news flash on February 5

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News of express glory!Chongqing athlete Wang Qiang took the oath on behalf of all athletes at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing on Feb 4.This Winter Olympic Games is the largest in the history of Chinese sports delegation.At the opening ceremony, Chongqing cross-country skier Wang Qiang undertook a glorious mission — to take the oath on behalf of all athletes.Chongqing athlete Wang Qiang.Wang Qiang, holding the Olympic flag in his right hand and wearing the red uniform of the Chinese sports delegation, made a solemn oath: “In the name of all athletes, we promise to respect and abide by the rules and to participate in the Olympic Games in the spirit of fairness, inclusiveness and equality.We are united in our commitment to no doping, no cheating and no discrimination of any kind in sport.We honor this pledge for the honor of our team, to honor the fundamental Olympic principles and to make the world a better place because of sport.”Chongqing athlete Wang Qiang.When asked by the media how he felt about taking the oath, Wang qiang said he felt excited, proud and inspired.”I will try my best to fight for the Chinese sports delegation and the glory of Chongqing in the coming games.”The official of Chongqing Winter Sports Administration Center said that wang Qiang, as an elite athlete of China’s cross-country skiing, could take the oath on behalf of all winter Olympic athletes at home, which is not only a great honor for him, but also the honor of Chongqing sports and Chongqing snow and ice.At the same time, All circles in Chongqing are also paying close attention to the winter Olympics. Wang Song, a member of chongqing CPPCC, said, “The feast of ice and snow attracted the attention of the world. Seeing Wang Qiang take the oath on behalf of all the athletes in the Winter Olympics, as a member of Chongqing, I feel proud of yourongyan, which shows the strength of Chongqing to help the Beijing Winter Olympics.Zhang Zhaoning, an eight-year-old chongqing hockey player, also expressed his enthusiasm: “I will learn from Brother Wang Qiang, train hard, and fight hard in the court. In the future, I will win honor for my country and for Chongqing.”Wang qiang will compete in four events, including men’s individual short distance, team short distance, men’s 4×10 relay and 50 km long distance.This is Wang Qiang’s second winter Olympics after the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.Cross-country skiing events are known as “snow marathons” and are typically endurance events.Players need to use mountaineering, sliding, turning, sliding and other skills to compete on the snowy hills and plains, which is a great test for athletes’ psychological and physical strength.For the upcoming competition, Wang Qiang said: “four years of grinding a sword, I hope this winter Olympics home games, results will be a breakthrough.”This Mosaic | beautiful fireworks of the Olympic Games!The beautiful fireworks above the Bird’s Nest.The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in the Beijing Olympic Park on The evening of February 4, with a colorful fireworks display lighting up the sky above the stadium.Fireworks lit up the night sky.Photo by Chen Yuxiao: Fireworks explode at the opening of the Winter Olympics.Hualong net – new Chongqing client reporter Zhang Zhi photo “Bird’s Nest” and Beijing Olympic Park fireworks bright.Cover news Chen Yuxiao shot a huge beam of light into the night sky.Hualong net – new Chongqing client reporter Zhang Zhi photo tonight “Bird’s Nest” bright lights.Our client – new chongqing journalists A qualitative taken details > > > this Mosaic | beautiful the fireworks!Colorful light above the “bird’s nest” – more than new client of chongqing chongqing north station of south square bus station long line ticket sale in China as our client – new chongqing reporters learned from yue passenger line of chongqing highway passenger ticketing network, for the convenience of citizens convenient travel, chongqing north station of south square bus station in operation since February 4, super long train travel requirements of passenger,You can inquire route information or purchase tickets through the Happy Traveler platform.It is understood that the public can buy tickets for the above line from February 4 onwards.Routes and frequencies may be adjusted according to passenger flow and other actual conditions. Please refer to the actual announcement of the station or the real-time query results of the pleasetravel platform when buying tickets.Yu Kexing reminds passengers that they must know the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of origin and destination in time before travelling, and arrange travel time reasonably so as not to delay the journey.Please carry your valid ID card and wear a mask during the whole journey, and maintain a certain social distancing.Please take the initiative to cooperate with the staff to take a temperature check and show the health code or travel code. If you feel unwell on the way, please take the initiative and inform the driver in time.During the Spring Festival, hongyan Cultural Scenic spot innovative cultural service red drama is popular week, and red theme parent-child experience activities are held in the residence scenic spot.On February 4, hualong Network – New Chongqing client reporter learned from chongqing Hongyan Line management Center that red attractions such as Hongyan Village, No. 50 Zegjiayan Zhou Mansion, Refuse Pit, Bai Mansion were welcomed by the vast number of tourists this Spring Festival.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, hongyan culture innovation culture service of scenic spots, conducted hongyan story, explaining, immersive immersive parent-child interactive experience, hongyan heroes give red rock series of sitcoms, martyrs poetry recitation, red culture series of activities such as books, at the same time, also carried out “clock in red venues, boost Beijing games” characteristic, vivid red crag story,Vigorously promote the Spirit of hongyan.”Do you know what united Front work is?”On the afternoon of February 2, a parent-child immersive experience activity called “Recruitment of young staff of Southern Bureau” was held in Zhougong Pavilion no. 50 in Zengjiayan. The staff interacted with children by asking questions.It is understood that the parent-child immersive experience activity mainly aims to vividly describe the United Front work of the Southern Bureau to teenagers through the immersive explanation of the scenic spot instructors, so that they can learn a wealth of red knowledge and broaden their horizons.The New Year’s special performance of Red Rock Revolutionary Story — Song and Music Loyal Soul was staged at the Song and Music Theater of the Martyrs’ Tomb.According to the staff of zengjiayan No. 50 Zhou Guanyuan scenic spot, the number of tourists in the scenic spot increased during the Spring Festival. In order to avoid the risk of the spread of the epidemic and ensure the order of tourism in the scenic spot, the scenic spot strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly implemented temperature measurement, scanning code, bright code, remind tourists to wear masks and other epidemic prevention work.For tourists who enter the scenic area without wearing masks, the staff will come forward to remind them.In addition to a series of activities at the scenic spot, a variety of red-themed plays will also be staged this year.”The stick is made of bamboo, and the communist’s will is steel!”The reporter learned that on March 3, chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum created “Hongyan Revolutionary Story Exhibition — Song music Loyal Soul” Spring Festival special, in the martyrs’ tomb song music theater officially opened.The special, which lasts about 40 minutes, includes three plays: “Glorious Son, Great Mother — Wang Pu”, “Every Man Can’t Take Away His Ambition — Ye Ting” and “Ao Xue Hongmei — Jiang Zhuyun”, telling the story of Wang Pu, Ye Ting and Jiang Zhuyun, the “elder sister of Jiang”.Through the actors’ true feelings, vividly reproduces the noble and righteous spirit of the martyrs of the Red Rock revolution, interprets the red rock spirit from a new perspective, and interprets the connotation of The Times of the Red rock spirit.An audience from Sichuan was very excited after watching the show and said, “This kind of performance has both performances and stories. It is creative and novel. More children should be brought to receive red education to let them know how hard it is to live a happy life today.”During the Spring Festival, in order to make the audience feel at ease, the theater will strengthen epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements, take the temperature of the audience, check the double code, scan the site code and remind them to wear masks, according to the theater official.