District Government holds 2022 plenary meeting

2022-05-01 0 By

On January 27, the district government held the 2022 plenary meeting to fully implement the deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, thoroughly implement the requirements of the District Party Congress and the district “two sessions”, and re-mobilize and re-deploy the work of this year.District party committee deputy secretary, district chief Li Xin presided over the meeting.The meeting listened to the first meeting of the 17th Shijingshan District People’s Congress and the first meeting of the 11th Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Beijing Shijingshan District, and signed the task book of the district Government folding project in 2022.First, we must sum up experience, strengthen confidence and embark on a new journey of high-quality development, the meeting stressed.Always keep in mind the requirement that “the first thing to look at Beijing is from the political perspective”, consciously check the standard and table, and strive to do exquisite and meticulous work to the extreme.We will firmly grasp the “two major opportunities”, give prominence to the “two keys”, speed up the construction of the “three districts”, adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, and continue to strive to write a new chapter in the construction of the West Gate of the Capital City.Second, we need to make every effort to ensure the success of the Winter Olympics.The best service to ensure the games are organising as a top priority and the overriding task, to the best state to perform good apanage responsibility, ensure that the venue running smooth, efficient services’ precision, stable during epidemic control and publicity atmosphere thick and warm, wonderful Olympic Games to host a contracted security shijingshan contribution.Third, we must clearly define tasks, highlight priorities, and resolutely implement all our work.Starting from integrating into the new development pattern of the capital, focusing on the two strategies of urban renewal and industrial transformation, we will strengthen spatial planning and optimize the distribution of resources to drive the overall revival of the eight major factories in the west of Beijing.We will coordinate the implementation of the “Five Sub-branches”, arrange a number of industrial projects with strong driving force, introduce a number of leading enterprises in key industries, and lead the optimization and upgrading of industries.We will stick to targets and results-oriented, and work hard to achieve important targets such as economic targets and multi-target projects.We will strengthen overall planning for major projects, focus on new projects that require insurance or continue to be built, strengthen support for factors of production, ensure overall stability for the year ahead of schedule, and ensure that investment targets and targets are met on schedule.We will do a good job in all projects to improve people’s wellbeing, and promote all-round progress in employment, social security, housing, education, medical care, elderly care and other social programs.Fourthly, the strong riring and unending work should fully stimulate the spirit of undertaking undertakings.This is the first year of my administration.Leading cadres at all levels must fully understand the weight of their own shoulders the burden, to strengthen the political lead, establish the global idea, improve the work style, strengthening the supervision inspection, the “monolith” standard into all areas of development and the whole process, cohesion force, form the director’s grasp in good mood, start winning start ZhuDongZhang.As the Spring Festival and winter Olympics approach, the meeting stressed strengthening safety supervision in key areas in the region, strengthening inspection and inspection of urban public facilities such as water, electricity and heat networks, strengthening control of urban public security risks, strictly enforcing the regulations on the use of fireworks in the whole region, and timely investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards.We will strengthen price monitoring and market supply of basic goods such as grain, oilseed, meat, vegetables and eggs, and strengthen oversight of food safety, especially cold-chain food, to ensure that nothing goes wrong.District leaders Qi Chunli, Li Xianxia, Shen Jian, Wang Zhiyong, Yin Yuan, Li Wenhua attended the meeting, people’s Congress, CPPCC, district government commissions and offices, vertical management organizations, sub-district offices, district state-owned enterprises, and collective economic organizations attended the meeting in the main venue and sub-venue respectively.