How to eat dumplings on New Year’s Day?Why do you need coins?They say there’s a legend here

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Today is the first day of the New Year, different regions due to different eating habits, customs are also different, for example, on the first day of the New Year, some regions eat tangyuan, while others eat dumplings.On the first day of the first lunar month, we eat jiaozi in the morning. However, we don’t usually say jiaozi here, but call it “Wanwanshun”, which means everything goes well.Under normal circumstances, dumplings are prepared on the eve of New Year’s Eve. After dinner and cleaning up, the family begins to sit together and watch the Spring Festival Gala while making dumplings, which is also a happy moment of reunion.Why do people eat dumplings on The first day of the Chinese New Year?What are some of them?From The New Year’s Eve to the first day of the New Year, it was the beginning of the first day of the first lunar month. According to historical records, “At the time of the New Year’s Day, sumptuous dishes were prepared at the same time, such as eating a flat food, which was named jiao Zi, meaning that the food was delivered at a younger age.”And eat dumplings is to take “more old jiaozi” meaning, “jiaozi” in the “son” for “child”, “jiaozi” homonym with “dumplings”, happy reunion, good luck as one wishes.It means eating dumplings on New Year’s Day brings good luck, so this custom has been continued to this day.As for why they still pack coins in dumplings, I heard that who can eat dumplings with coins in the New Year good luck, good fortune, in fact, there is not much to say, more is a lucky figure.It is said that the dumplings put coins there is a legend, according to legend many years ago, Every year on New Year’s Eve, Galeries Lafayette will let eunuchs make dumplings, will also say that the dumpling skin is the mouth of the villain, must pinch dumplings tightly, do not let the villain behind the bad words.Time is long, galeries lafayette think make dumplings only boring, and he ordered an inferior to four small gold ingot wrapped into dumplings, who said to eat dumpling next year will make a fortune, with little gold ingot galeries lafayette eunuch palace in order to feel happy, will take gold ingot dumplings do mark, then pretend to galeries lafayette, lafayette to see four with small dumplings were to eat the wing,Heart naturally also very happy.Galeries lafayette is only one year, however, have a meal 3 small gold ingot, so the in the mind is very uncomfortable, and questioned the eunuch why only three gold ingot, another was queen who wanted to eat at, empress afraid galeries lafayette anger, then let the eunuch to a scheme to solve, the eunuch will gold ingot thrown into the pot, and galeries lafayette says dumplings broke, gold ingot leakage in the pan?Who knows lafayette more angry, she said the dumpling skin is a villain’s mouth, since boiled broken that prove that he made a villain, so it is very angry.Later, the tradition has been passed down, and the bao bao has evolved into today’s coins.Of course, the above is only an unwritten legend, and there is no evidence to prove it. But whether it is true or not, there is only one purpose for putting coins in dumplings on New Year’s Day. It is not only a wish for good things, but also a wish for good luck in the New Year.In addition, wrapping coins is more fun for children.To sum up, eating dumplings on The first day of the New Year is not too much to say, but more to express people’s good expectations for the New Year, and the coin in the dumplings is just a geely, hoping to be smooth and prosperous in the New Year.Friends, have you eaten any coins for dumplings today?I wish you good fortune and good luck in the New Year.Thank you for your attention to “Fattening Farmer’s Book”, and share daily crop planting techniques, fertilizer use plans, interesting rural news and other information on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, thank you for your support!!