Is it proper to say, “Happy New Year, it is better not to mention Sima Nan”?

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01 the joy of New Year’s eve I’m a huge fan of SiMaNa, eat dumplings on New Year’s eve night, everyone to look at the Spring Festival gala, I listen to the Spring Festival gala with ears, but the eyes are the message behind the browsing the Internet users in my article, many netizens have sent me the blessing of the New Year, I extend my deepest appreciation to the, no longer reply individually, this year is the most exciting, I the most happiness for a year, because of the netizens,Especially in recent more than three months has been with me, encourage me, and give me good advice and Suggestions were put forward, though never met face-to-face, but communication with each other, like-minded, outlook on life and world view is consistent, the friendship friendship is more valuable than often together friend, I now feel like a drop in the ocean, have already become merged in the sea of the people,We will work with all of you to make our great motherland more stable and prosperous, treat each other with sincerity, and promote social progress…02 New Year’s Eve three surprise 1 the first surprise: a net friend in my article behind the message is: “Happy happy Chinese New Year, had better not mention Sima Nan.”What’s the matter with Mr. Siman?He is our “national hero”, “the backbone of the nation”, “contemporary Lu Xun”, “fighter”, “hero”, “the embodiment of justice”, “opinion leader”…His laurel crown surpasses any person who has made outstanding contributions to the society in The history of China. If you remove the word “opinion leader” from the word “opinion leader”, he is a “leader”. Isn’t that a great man?Comrade deng xiaoping has established the Chinese characteristic socialism, solved the food and clothing of the Chinese people, China is growing up, and no one is called “leader”, and Mr SiMaNa in political, economic, cultural and other fields have no any contribution, many netizens should call his “opinion leaders”, and he in common prosperity, to prevent capital savage growth, restrain monopoly,Development economy aspect also did not put forward any constructive suggestion!Not to mention “meritorious service”, “speech” and “moral”…Where does his “opinion leader” come from?Many netizens have gone crazy…They were all talking so crazy that it was bound to create a strong current that blew Mr. Siman up…, into the clouds, Sima Nan naturally also float, in case he float away, I rub against who?I got paid for a pack of cigarettes by rubbing off on Mr. Sima Nan…This is not cut off my “money road”?When I see this sentence, I will understand it as: many netizens do not like Sima Nan, even mentioning his name is bound to add to their feelings…That’s why they say things like this…Then again, “one person does not count for a hundred people”, there are for, there are against, that is normal…A netizen posted on the platform Mr. Sima nan’s specific educational background: in 1997, he joined the queue in heilongjiang farm and settled down in Harbin Commercial College (technical secondary school).I used to think that Mr. Sima Nan was a veritable scholar, scholar, professor, economist and social critic. He turned out to be a secondary school student just after the Cultural Revolution.Later, I practiced Qigong and abandoned my major. No wonder I talked like a hammer in the east and a hammer in the west. I was neither methodical nor logical, nor focused on facts, nor even close to dialectics.Also has his unique advantage, he this level is just suitable for the primary school culture level of netizens friends……If I had known this, I should have written more softly.It’s too heavy to write!I regret it too much!As a “secondary school student”, it is quite normal to have many one-sided and extreme views, but now it is too late to regret, but I used to discuss problems with Sima Nan as a scholar or professor…A netizen left a message at the back of my article: “15,000 worries!””What he meant was that you, a blogger with only 15,000 followers, were out of your league against Sima Nan, a teacher with tens of millions of followers.Deng Xiaoping said, “Practice is the only standard to test truth”, but we have never heard that “the number of fans is the only standard to test truth”. In the lenovo event, “practice” is the maximization of national interests, and the maximization of national interests is true justice, that is, the interests of the people.However, many ma fans regard “the interests of the people” and “justice” as petty profits in front of them. This is the root of the opposition between sima Nan and me.I have no animosity with Sima Nan. According to my research and analysis, I think what Sima Nan said may not be his true words, but most of them reflect the understanding and thoughts of the vast majority of Ma fans. Therefore, the purpose of my debate with him is to save many ma fans.Mr. Sima Nan for the interests of his team, and I am the “commander of the light pole”, an old man herding sheep, no strings attached, just for the motherland, society and people, who is “worried”?Whose interests are the most lasting and eternal?There is a group of people who firmly oppose common prosperity. They say that we are against common prosperity, and they say that common prosperity is populism.Common prosperity means killing the rich and helping the poor;Common prosperity is common poverty.In their bones, they are opposed to common prosperity, which means that a few people get rich.Chief economist against ordinary people, today some entrepreneurs are in disgrace, yesterday’s glory, people bought with money, collapsed, why collapsed?After all, you are against the people!You twist with the common people, that good, feudal society rulers know that “water can carry a boat can also overturn the truth, you rich, you rich to buy a new house to spend 1.7 billion, that common people of course have ideas right?Therefore, on the road to public prosperity, you do not meet the essential requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics.What are the serious mistakes sima Nan made in this video?Fabricate a story, out of thin air, out of thin air, scaremongering, create hatred and wealth.”There are those who firmly oppose common prosperity. They say we are against common prosperity. They say common prosperity is populism.Common prosperity means killing the rich and helping the poor;Common prosperity is common poverty.”Sima Nan said, “They are against common prosperity in their bones.” How could Sima Nan know that they are against common prosperity in their bones?Was he a worm in the belly of the rich?Sima Nan said, “Opposing common prosperity means a few people getting rich.”Sima Nan said: “Today, some entrepreneurs are in disgrace, but yesterday’s glory, bought with money, collapsed.” People have a certain status and moral character, without spending money, some people set up.It is also one-sided to say that the collapse of the five-man plan was caused by opposition to the people.Sima Nan said, “Why did it collapse?After all, it’s you against the people!You are always in conflict with the common people, that’s ok. “If the entrepreneurs just violate the rules and improve their business, they will not collapse. Their collapse is caused by the publicity created by Internet big VS like Sima Nan on the Internet.Moreover, enterprise violation is not necessarily against the common people, such as Lenovo’s insufficient investment in science and technology.6, do not understand the law, do not understand the policy, and still have “pink eye disease” Sima Nan said: “You are rich enough to buy a new house to spend 1.7 billion yuan, that people certainly have ideas, right?”China’s Constitution clearly stipulates that the lawful property of citizens is protected. As long as the property is obtained through lawful operation, no one has the right to interfere, let alone spend 1.7 billion yuan to buy a small house, or even 17 billion yuan to buy a house.Zhang Weiwei professor made a video, the title is “realize common prosperity can’t working, also cannot make pink eye” 05 end anyhow, because SiMaNa made the above 6 kinds of mistakes, so he is the true “is not in conformity with the essential requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics” of the people, however, he has held excrement spray on private entrepreneurs.Sima Nan made up stories, made subjective assumptions, one-sided thinking, limited understanding, shirked responsibility, did not understand the law, did not understand the national policy.Sima Nan’s video brought serious consequences to the society: inspired and intensified the hatred of the rich, the contradiction between the rich and the poor intensified, the social contradiction produced, the national emotion was torn, he inspired populism…Therefore, it is reasonable to say “Happy Chinese New Year, it is better not to mention Sima Nan”, because the ideas and views in many sima Nan videos are not positive energy, which can not play a positive role in the society, but “poison chicken soup” is harmful to social stability.88-year-old shepherd — Tumbler Tuesday, February 1, 2022