Pingshan County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province: “through train” into the grassroots county and village three level synchronous icac

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“We live in the resettlement housing community wall bricks fall off, there are security risks, reported several times, but still not completely solved.””We have recorded the problems you reported and will reply to you after handling them according to the procedures.”Early in the morning, the discipline inspection and supervision cadres of pingshan County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, came to Pingshan Town nancheng community, jointly with the cadres of Pingshan town discipline inspection commission to carry out offline visits to icac.Subsequently, Pingshan town commission for Discipline inspection will immediately feedback the problem to the town in charge of the leadership, urging its contact county housing urban management bureau of the town to deal with the situation of external walls falling off.At present, the county housing bureau has completed the preliminary survey, special rectification is being launched.At the same time, the town commission for Discipline inspection will also carry out full supervision of the follow-up rectification implementation.County discipline inspection commission supervision committee through the “visit lian Ask lian direct train” to the grassroots, as pingshan learning history to do practical work, based on responsibility to protect the people’s livelihood, the truth, a way of working to solve the people’s worries, the collection of complaints and visits.Discipline inspection cadre is through “public opinion through train” to collect public opinion suggestion (michellewang perturbation) mass pu lady said: “you take the initiative to come home to visit mood, listen to public opinion, not only let us’ worries’ into one warm heart, more let our ‘voice’ got ‘response, we are the heart of carefree, steadfast.”For the scene can be the first time to solve the answer to the problem, the county discipline inspection cadres to solve the scene;For further investigation and verification, set up the standing book of letters and visits, handle it strictly according to the process, and reply the result to the mirror in time;We patiently explain the complaints that do not fall within the scope of disciplinary inspection and supervision, and guide the public to report them to relevant departments.Since the beginning of this year, the discipline inspection and supervision system of the whole county has carried out a campaign at the county, township and village levels simultaneously to “visit integrity, inquire integrity, and direct train”, taking the initiative to in-depth understand the urgent problems and worries of the people, unblocked channels, and focused on resolving prominent problems that the people feel strongly about, so that the people feel that their voices are heard, their demands are answered, and their interests are protected.In addition, the county commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision also issued the “clean Pingshan” public account on wechat public solicitation notice, online and offline simultaneously to inquire about corruption.County villages (communities) are also flexible to take seminars, DAMS and other ways to visit the icac.Up to now, the county’s 11 towns, 63 villages (communities) have carried out offline “visit the integrity of the direct train” 78 times, a total of 1,500 people received public consultation, issued more than 2300 leaflets, collected the masses to report 137 problems, of which 52 have been solved.”We should not only focus on the most urgent and worrying issues of the people, but also serve as the ‘information’ of public opinion collection. We should also serve as the ‘propaganda’ of Party discipline, laws and livelihood policies, guiding the people’s demands in the right direction, and guiding them to report their problems to the relevant authorities in a reasonable and legal way, so as to enhance the satisfaction of the people.”County discipline inspection commission supervision commission concerned person in charge said.(By Zhao Chenxi)