Visit + experience, this youth care volunteer service activity is very special

2022-05-01 0 By

On February 10, the district Veterans Affairs Bureau organized the “Born under the National Flag, Bathed in the Spring Breeze” volunteer service activity to care for young people, with colorful interesting activities and entertaining experience to stimulate the patriotic feelings of young people and enhance the awareness of national defense.In Zoujia Courtyard, Yunhua Community, Huangshui Town, the children visited the veteran’s home built with the theme of military culture, and experienced the simulation games of military training projects such as “we are all sharpshooters”, “I am the most accurate when throwing grenades” and “I come to stand guard for the motherland”.In the district veterans Affairs Bureau party built military culture center, “red flag” volunteers and children reviewed the great course of the party’s century-old development.Relevant person in charge of the bureau said:”Organization to carry out the activities, in order to make full use of good winter vacation time node, district party construction army veterans affairs play a good cultural centers such as the role of the red education base, further let teenagers firmly set up the patriotism thought, red gene is inherited, and strengthen the consciousness of national defense, carrying forward and fostering national spirit, inspire patriotic teenagers struggle of home countries.”Thank you for reading. For more local news, please follow “Shuangliu Announcement” on wechat, listen to AIRPORT Radio FM100.9, and download “Shuangliu on cloud” APP