Xu Mengtao thanks 4 years ago: thank you for your down-to-earth walk to today

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On the evening of February 14, Xu Mengtao fulfilled her dream of winning the gold medal at the 4th Winter Olympics, winning China’s first Olympic gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing aerials.At the post-match press conference, she was delighted to realize her childhood dream and thanked for her perseverance in the past four years.Xu mengtao was a 19-year-old teenager at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Now in her thirties, she has reached the top of the podium, especially after enduring a slump of ninth place in PyeongChang.What would you like to say to yourself four years ago?Xu mengtao’s answer is: “Thank Xu Mengtao for getting out of that low period of time and continuing to move forward. She chose her dream and passion and chose to continue to engage in the air skills project full of charm and challenge but also very hard.Thank you for the past four years, you have come so far step by step.”(Edit: Quiet)