0 champion after Olympic Games!Haikou or boast too early, Liu Guoliang mixed emotions, now the choice

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It is difficult for a table tennis player to maintain a high level of competitiveness while winning as many championships as possible.In the country with a large number of expert ping, the difficulty is even greater.Of course, we have also witnessed the top players in China’s history.The women’s team, such as Zhang Yining, dominated the event without any suspense.Ma Long in the men’s team, he completed the double circle grand Slam, and even in the world Table Tennis Championships singles champion to win.Sometimes athletes need to keep a low profile, especially when they’re on a roll.0 champion after Olympic Games!Haikou or boast too early, Liu Guoliang mixed emotions, now the choice.In contrast to the slow replacement of the Chinese men’s team, the women’s team has already done so during the Olympics.Ding Ning has already retired and become a legend.Although Liu is still playing, winning silver in women’s singles and mixed doubles in Macau, her symbolic significance is far greater than practical.Liu shiwen will not be considered for singles in Paris either, as she did not get a spot in Tokyo.To put it simply, there are still three golden flowers, namely Chen Meng in the Mesozoic era, and Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu in the Cenozoic era.Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha did not say, Chen Meng this player from the Olympic Games to now is also full of controversy.If there is a hierarchy of honor in table tennis, the Olympic Games are more valuable than the World Table Tennis Championships, and the Olympic singles championship is the most valuable.Chen Meng won the gold medal in the Olympic Games, yes, the important thing is her attitude after winning.Chen Meng said her time has come, perhaps haikou boast too early, the results of the following events Chen Meng did not win.Let alone the National Games, Chen Meng did not make it to the end.The World Table Tennis Championships did not go to the end, missed the opportunity to take the Grand Slam.The World Cup, even more so, also failed.In this year’s Macau competition, Chen Meng also did not reach the final.Wang seemed to be Chen’s Nemesis, and Chen never hit her in a post-Olympic showdown.Now in the Paris Olympic cycle, they will be very cautious about who they choose.In fact, throughout the history of China Table Tennis, there are not many athletes who can continuously participate in the Olympic Games. After all, there are new players and players in each cycle.Of course, there are some super talents who can play in the Olympics in a row, but the most important thing is that the strength and form has been maintained.As far as Chen Meng is concerned, her biggest disadvantage is not losing to Wang Manyu too much, she won 0 after the Olympic Games, the most important thing is her age.Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha, one born in 2000 and the other born in 1999, are not comparable to Chen Meng.For Liu Guoliang, Chen Meng did not win the championship in Macao, can be said to be mixed feelings.Macau is Chen Meng’s chance to turn over, but also her best opportunity to consolidate her position as the first sister.In fact, by now, Liu guoliang should have made a choice, even though there are still two years to go before the Paris Olympics.Young people always have advantages, and we should not forget that there are many young people emerging, such as Kuaiman, who shines in the World Youth Games.It is worth mentioning that this year, there is also the World Table Tennis Championships team competition, Chen Meng will definitely have a place, after all, team competition unlike the Olympic Games, the number of athletes will be more.