2-0!The first Asian Cup final team is born!South Korea beat The Philippines by 2 goals in half

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The women’s Asian Cup semifinal 2 matches will be held on February 3, with the first match between South Korea and the Philippines.Although with the semi-finals, but the strength of the two teams or the gap is bigger, South Korea is the Asian giants, first in the group and Japan to the draw, then in the final phase quarter-final winner out of Australia, in the face of one of the previous two years, south Korean women’s football played very strong, it also makes the confidence of the team established the title;The Philippines advanced in a penalty shootout after a tight semi-final against Chinese Taipei.This time against the Philippines, The South Korean team suddenly used the 343 formation, Kim Jung-mi to keep the goal, Im Seon-ju, Shim 藇 yeon, Lee Young-ju as three central defenders, Choo Hyo-ju, Kim Hye-ri as the left and right wing, Cho Soo-hyun and Ji Xiaoran guard the midfield, Sun Hwa-ran standing at the center, Choi Yu-li, Lee Jin-min is the left and right wing.The Philippine women’s soccer team plays a traditional 4-4-2 formation, with Bolden, Quezada and Mickratt forming an attacking trident.From the perspective of the platoon, The South Korean team hopes to attack aggressively and win the match early to build up momentum for the final.In the third minute, The South Korean women’s soccer team won a corner kick, and the ball was served on the back point. Cho Soo Hyun rose high and beat the Philippines to head the ball. Despite the goalkeeper’s efforts, the header was strong and hard to stop, and the South Korean women’s soccer team took a 1-0 lead.In the 35th minute, the South Korean player forced his way to the bottom line of the big penalty area with speed. Sun huaran drove to the small penalty area, but the Philippine goalkeeper hardly reacted quickly due to the short distance, and saw the goal into the net.In the end, the south Korean women’s 2-0 win women’s football in the Philippines, became the first to break into the Asian cup final team, the next round opponent will be in the Chinese women’s team and the Japanese women’s football, the strength, the hope of promotion is bigger, but the Chinese women’s team is not without the opportunity, the premise is do a good job in defense, against Vietnam team has lost the ball after all.As the Philippine women’s football team entered the third and fourth place final, there is a gap between the strength and China’s women’s football team, so it is no accident that China’s women’s football team entered the top three has been relatively stable.For more exciting content, come to Bemener photo source: Internet Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely those of Bemener.Beimen strives for the accuracy and completeness of the content, but if the actual situation prevails, beimen will not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of this article.The final interpretation of the article belongs to the hundred number and the author of the article.