Car 300: Used car industry “slang” revealed, all understand is the old driver

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Click on the upper right corner of the car 300 headlines, DMS from “valuation”, automatically to accurately estimate your car, see also worth ~ “slang” generally refers to the so-called industry jargon or internal language, outsiders are often don’t understand, the industry people communicate in slang is no obstacle, today we’ll talk about used car industry “slang”,Let’s see what you can understand.MingPan dealer in the circle of friends start, priced at “MingPan 5. X”, thousands of MingPan digit or digits is usually an “X”, “X” is actually represents a number between 0 and 9 point, if someone bid higher than yours, so MingPan is will be subject to the high prices, the price of the auction, similar to a small circle of friends but presided and auction officer are dealer.Tea tea refers to the intermediary fee that second-hand car intermediaries ask second-hand car dealers for, which is also commonly known as tea fee and tea money.If the intermediary helps the car dealer find a customer through friends and their personal network, they have to pay the intermediary for hard work after the transaction, which is called “tea.”Pure water pure water here is not dealer guests out of the water, but to – and in the early days in the used-car market, – very easy to appear together, after the cut off the roof to welding of car, the car is often the price is very attractive, but not only safety index, and quite the risk on the buckle.Nose The nose here is the description of the engine working condition by the used car appraiser, who will generally judge the quality of the “nose” from the aspects of speed increase, sound and jitter.Price cancellation price cancellation is a common method used by some car dealers to the seller. When the owner goes to sell the car, the car dealer knows that the seller will inquire everywhere, so the price will be higher than the actual price. After the owner asks, they find that the price is not higher than the previous price, and they will turn back.As the name suggests, a car rolling on the road is used to describe a car that has flipped over and experienced a major accident.The coat is also called “wearing a coat”, which means the car is painted from top to bottom.It’s like putting a coat on the car.There are also places that call this “bathing.”The whole car painting is nothing more than a few cases: the original car paint is not good, the car is too old paint fading aging, in order to sell the whole car painting, or the original owner of the whole car painting, car has a serious accident, such as rollover, overhaul after the whole car painting.Big cut mainly refers to the body of the body structure has been cut and welded car, such vehicles are some major accidents can not be repaired by the original car, must be cut and welded to restore the body.For example, severe roof damage leads to pillar A, B, C deformation, serious rear-end collision, 45 degrees of bias collision, etc., will cut damaged parts, and then buy other same parts to replace, if this kind of car accident collision again, there is almost no safety guarantee.With hammer to see the car, air conditioning frozen head car dealers are confident of the car condition, so there will be a hammer to see the car, not directly hit, cold air conditioning head, leather seat hot butt this kind of exaggerated description, under normal circumstances, the price of this car will not be low.However, the good effect of air conditioning and refrigeration does not mean that the car condition is good, and the condition of the car should be evaluated as a whole.The courtyard son in come of “courtyard son in come of” ask be a colleague actually.If the person showing the car is a colleague, the person selling the car should leave a money for tea.If you don’t look, you’re seen as out of order.If IT is confirmed that A is a peer, the minimum price of the car that originally needs to be sold at 120,000 yuan may be set at 123,000 yuan, with 3,000 yuan reserved for A.This is the industry “unspoken rules”, after all, to help you “take goods”.Turn mold turn mold is to use numerical control code machine to modify the engine number or frame number of the car, this is definitely a gray area, do not touch!Big/small sets of cars big sets of cars, is through the above mentioned code-turning technology, the frame number and engine number of a water truck all changed to the number of regular models (need to get a regular vehicle frame number and engine number through the relationship in advance).Then the water vehicle license, license plate, registration certificate, insurance mark, annual inspection mark, insurance card, purchase tax, factory nameplate, environmental protection stickers and other procedures are the same as regular models, in fact, is a “clone car”.Small set car is to water car license plate number, driving license, registration certificate and other procedures are changed to the same as regular vehicles, frame number and engine number do not do processing and change.But there aren’t many big cars around these days.