China Central Radio and Television focuses on the Zhijin Cave in Guizhou: a glance of 200 million years shows the appearance of time

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One into zhijin cave, as if into the core of the secret.Cang Jie did not make such characters, “Book of Songs” “Li SAO” “Luo Shen Fu” also did not have such sentences, you only feel exhausted all expression means can not describe the soul-stirring at the moment.One feels as if he had fallen into the earth history book written by nature, and read how nature created a page of vicissitudes by “little efforts” among the fantastic and magnificent stones.Zhijin Cave is located in Guanzhai Miao Nationality township, Zhijin County, Guizhou Province, and is included in UNESCO World Geopark.It is divided into four layers, 12.1 kilometers long has been investigated, the widest span of the cave is 175 meters, the relative height difference is 150 meters, the total area of more than 700,000 square meters, is worthy of the name “The King of Karst caves in China”.This huge “underground palace” under development in the 220 million – year – old Triassic carbonate rock stratum, mineral-rich water giving a “fine decoration” for it, carve out helmet, tower, curls, pipa, waterfall, shield and so on karst shape, different forms of water make a different “decorate style”.The stalagmites, stone columns and stalactites are old urchins in the river of time. They grow too slow, too slow, too slow. How slow is it?According to the guide, the young stalagmites still growing in the detected caves grow only 2-2.5 centimeters every 100 years.Do you see time standing still?A person from the process of birth to death, can not see the traces of its growth.Standing in this magnificent cave like mountains, we seem to be talking with time hundreds of millions of years ago.Those stones seem to be lifeless, but the sound of water ticking all the way reminds people that Zhijin Cave is full of life, it is still growing, but far away from the noise of the world, showing the firm perseverance, quiet and proud for hundreds of millions of years.(” Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law love “, how like a young woman with hair, holding a child in one hand, the other is to the hunched back of the mother-in-law back.) The hole is not deep, there is “treasure” spirit.As “treasure of town cave”, “Silver Rain tree” can best reflect the patience and magic of time and water.The formation process of this exquisite pagoda, which is 17 meters high and carved like ivory, is extremely complicated: in the early stage, dripping water from the roof formed a drip plate, which overlaps to form a tower-like stalagmite;Later, the water slowly dissolves the lower part of the stalagmite, splitting it into loose spheres. Finally, the water at the top causes the leaf to form a petal stalagmite.All three steps are necessary, which shows how difficult it is to develop.Mr. Sun Daguang, a famous geologist, said: “It is not enough to call the silver rain tree a national treasure, it should be called a global treasure – the treasure of the earth, the priceless treasure”.(↑ “Silver Rain Tree”) Amazingly, for more than 100,000 years, the position of the drip line that formed the silver rain tree has not changed, and the amount of water is constant, so that the straight and even appearance was carved.Nature works in silence in the darkness, and god works in his art!What is more amazing is that there is a collapsed “old silver rain tree” below the silver rain tree. The silver rain tree grows again at the place where it fell, completing the “intergenerational” relay.The ancient people counted the time by burning incense. The two silver rain trees, old and new, were just like two sticks of incense left here by heaven and earth. When one of them fell away, the other one was rekindled.Does time have a shape?Where did the time come from and where did it go?This is a question for philosophers and physicists.But standing in the Zhijin cave, listening to the sound of water ticking far and near, these problems are not a problem, and time stands in front of them.In guides, you often hear phrases like “about hundreds of millions of years ago” or “thousands of years from now,” but time is exaggerated, as if it were too big to tell human beings the details.No wonder the ancients said, “One day in the cave, the world has been ten thousand years”. In the 200 million years of zhijin Cave’s time measurement, it is only a moment when human happened to come into its sight, a moment that can hardly be separated from time.The craggy rocks in the cave had been growing silently for tens of thousands of years before our species emerged.(write down “pipa”, down to a vertical stone shield tunnel wall, shaped like a pipa modelling lifelike, is currently the world’s biggest, the most beautiful shape has been found that the form of pillars of shield) in science fiction “three body” has such a plot, when realize the earth human civilization may end, want to find a long heritage of human civilization, the method of the more modern tools,The harder it is to resist time.Modern quantum memory can only hold information for 2,000 years, while U disk and hard disk memory can hold information for 5,000 years at most.Optical discs made of special metal materials, 100,000 years;Special synthetic paper and ink, 200,000 years;Going back even further, apes made nicks in stone that remained for 2.5 million years;Dinosaur footprints remain in fossils for 100 million years!In the end, scientists concluded that the only way to preserve information for long was to carve it in stone.Years aphasia, but stone can speak.It turns out that the various karst stones in Zhijin Cave are the bones of time, and each stalactite, stalagmite and stone column is a historical masterpiece recording time and life.It is like a huge drip, the earth in this ticking rhythm, leisurely through 200 million years.It is no wonder that Yang Hyeong, a senior journalist in the field of journalism, called The Jikim Cave a cave where time is stored. He said that one day, the jikim Time Development Company will be put up at the cave and exploit time as if it were gold.The ancients said that every inch of time is an inch of gold. No wonder this hole is called “Weaving gold Hole”.Source CCTV editor Zhang Liangsheng editor Wang Luyao Wei Yiqian statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: