Didi business optimization, take didi offer how to do?

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Spread didi personnel optimization for half a year, now is also settled.Didi’s past two years have been eventful.There have been a lot of rumors about Didi since it was suspected of endangering national security.Later, Didi delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and moved to Hong Kong, but there was no news of the follow-up operation.More painful, I’m afraid, is that Didi Chuxing APP has not yet been released on the APP market.Even if there is a small program entrance, but the APP entrance traffic is bigger.Businesses, users and market share are divided up by other taxi-hailing software.Others are pulling new promotions during the Spring Festival, and didi can only look forward to it, even using small programs to do fission activities, but also not much effect.APP can’t come back, raxin is out of the question.Pull new no play, it can only maintain didi, can maintain the rest of the old users.Only in this way can we slow down the decline of our market share and compete with other online car hailing companies.All the users want is wool, whichever is cheaper.No matter how didi is in its heyday, other taxi-hailing software can only burn money to subsidize users, and it must be more effective.Business is so cruel, as long as you play off, peers will try to exploit loopholes, and the speed of the fast, want to come back, no ability, really too late.In this case, the optimizer has become a legitimate behavior.This time, 20% of the staff will be optimized and compensated for 3 months, but there was no year-end bonus last year.The whole company locks HC to prohibit running water, will be completed before the end of February to inform the first round of others do not know, the efficiency of the personnel to optimize this matter is quite high.First, the R-Lab of innovation Department was optimized, which was mainly engaged in didi take-out business before.When Didi was engaged in the takeout business, many people could not read it well or understand it.Subsidies alone have attracted some users, but a series of problems such as lack of dishes, poor maintenance and poor service evaluation have not been solved, and they still want to do Didi takeout, which is really confusing.Later, leaders of Didi’s ride-hailing, two-wheeled, freight and other travel services have received notification of personnel optimization.Although international departments and autonomous driving have not been affected, in fact, there are few people, and the time is not yet.The purpose of personnel optimization is to survive. Only when you survive can you have hope. After that, if you return to Hong Kong and go public, you may start a new story.However, if the APP does not return to the shelves, it will be difficult for the business line to make steady profits, and the internal cash flow will disappear. It is not guaranteed that the personnel optimization behavior will continue next time.The simple truth is that no boss feeds his employees for nothing.Didi still has to survive, and the first thing to do is to reduce expenditure. Personnel optimization is the best way to reduce expenditure, but also the most cruel way.At this time, some people will ask, is about to enter the job, take didi offer or on-the-job wait-and-see, what do you want to do?Suggestions for completely unable to find profit line of business, that can go is really go.The company’s internal cash flow is insufficient, you feel that your responsibility is the most core, most important work will never be optimized?Not necessarily.This wave of didi optimization staff, almost the same day after chatting, immediately handed in the computer and left, without a trace of hesitation, also do not let you have a moment to think.To optimize the staff according to the standard subsidy, but some year-end bonus has been affected.Can you understand why the end of the year is delayed until the end of February?Take advantage of this wave at the end of February to optimize the optimization of the people, in accordance with the legal standards to be optimized subsidies, as for the year-end bonus, of course, is also able to get rid of it.Your annual bonus depends on your performance, and the company has the power to interpret that performance.The person who is being optimized, do you still expect the company to give you good performance?In fact, said personnel optimization is just a kind of polite, positive speech, in fact, to remove these people, how to these people?What if the market can’t digest them?And where to go?Somewhat pathetic.The decisions made at the company level are ultimately borne by the workers.Enumerating some of didi’s confusing past actions, from its take-out business to its group-buying community, and the negative impression it has left in the public’s mind.People do not understand and can not understand, only know that the bread money earned by the workers, the upper class has financial freedom, no matter how to do have nothing to do with their own.