In New York, Biden calls for an End to gun violence: “Enough!”

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According to KTLA and AFP, U.S. President Joe Biden visited New York on Thursday to discuss gun violence and said, “Enough is enough.”Agence France-Presse said the shooting deaths of police officers in the city had raised fears among Americans about the growing gun violence in several cities across the country.AFP screenshots “enough is enough,” reports, biden in New York City mayor, a former police Eric Adams, meeting at its headquarters in Manhattan, New York’s police department told the police, politicians and the media in the United States, “we know what can be done, but we in some departments of the government, congress and state legislatures and the organization there is resistance.”Police officer Wilbert Mora was responding to a report of mother-child violence in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood on Jan. 21 when he and fellow police officer Jason Rivera were attacked. Rivera, 22, died at the scene. Mora, 27, later died from a gunshot wound to the head.A third officer then killed the gunman, the son of the caller.Tens of thousands of New York police officers attended the funeral of a second New York City police officer who was ambushed and killed on February 2, local time.A hearse carrying The casket of Wilbert Mora left St. Patrick’s Cathedral and drove down Fifth Avenue on February 2, a day after the officer’s funeral, KTLA said.”In this country, 316 people are shot and 106 die every day.Enough is enough. The scourge of gun violence must end.Today, I’m traveling to New York City to meet with leaders about how we can work together to reduce gun crime and make our communities safer.”It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Biden has said “enough is enough” on gun violence.According to previous reports, on May 26, 2021, a mass shooting near a light rail yard in SAN Jose, California, left 10 people dead, including a male gunman who killed himself at the scene, local police said.On the same day, PRESIDENT Joe Biden issued a statement on the case, saying, “Enough is enough!””I am once again solemnly ordering flags to be flown at half-staff,” he said, citing a series of recent mass shootings in the United States.Despite such calls, America’s gun control problem seems to be intensifying.According to the Gun Violence Archive website, in 2021, there were 693 vicious gun violence incidents in which “four or more people were killed or injured at a time”.Of the 44,875 gun-related deaths, including suicides, 20,785 were killed in shootings, 1,549 were killed under the age of 18, and 40,527 were injured.Those figures are the highest since the site began tracking the data in 2013.As gun violence in the United States becomes more prominent, AFP said, Biden is also coming under increasing criticism.According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released last week, 69 percent of respondents disapproved of Biden’s gun control policies and 64 percent disapproved of his handling of crime.Joe Gamardi, vice president of the National Brotherhood of Police, the largest police union in the United States, told Biden on Fox News last week: “Our cities are war zones, our country is in chaos, and cops are being hunted down in the streets.Where are you, Mr. President?”Source: Huanqiu Process editor: TF021