Large temple building longzhu sculpture Luo Yuan qingshi Longzhu Huian stone carving

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Luoyuan bluestone is dense, medium strength and easy to process. It can be cut into thin plate or strip by simple technology. It is an ideal building decoration material.Used for building dapir, floor paving and courtyard railings (board), steps, etc., with a strong style of ancient architecture simplicity.Stone carving dragon post – Kowloon star garden hexiang bluestone dragon post is often temple like to use a dragon post, this dragon post products often rich structure, modelling is clever, but in terms of sculpture, inherits the HuiAn stonework, through this high relief stone carving dragon post, we can well understand the temple cultural characteristics of dragon post, and HuiAn stonework wonderful artical excelling nature.Stone Dragon column – Jiulong Star garden ancient construction stone dragon column – Jiulong Star garden ancient construction stone dragon column is one of the representative works of Huian stone carving, but also the collection of huian stone carving technology.Huian stone carvings in the early years mainly serve religion, with a strong religious color.It is mainly reflected in the architectural design, carving and installation of temples, the construction and carving of towers, pavilions, columns and columns inside and outside the temple, as well as the superb carving of gods and Buddhas.This stone dragon column is double dragon around the column shape, the whole dragon column material is divided into two, the column body stone selection of Luoyuan bluestone, high specification 325* diameter 70cm (including the dragon head), the column foot stone selection of Sichuan green, specification 60*60*30cm, is a common temple dragon column shape.In terms of design, the water pattern of characters and other elements are added to make the whole longzhu work look fuller and full of artistic sense.