Linyi strawberry picking map coming!

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Strawberry season is coming, and the “berry” good times are coming.Zhangji, jiuxiang, Hongyan, sweet treasure and other red strawberries, pink jade, angel and other white strawberries, which is your favorite?Might as well use the weekend leisure time, into the strawberry picking paradise, feel the warm spring breeze, encounter fruity pastoral.Let’s go pick strawberries together.Strawberry has a long planting history, large area and excellent products in Wangtuan Village, Bahu Town, Hedong District.Its products are certified as “Changhongling” brand pollution-free products by the Ministry of Agriculture.Changhongling pollution-free strawberry production base, promote bee pollination, strawberry dormant period control and other pollution-free advanced production technology, with general, Hongyan, Mei 6, Mei 13 and other high-quality varieties, strawberry a big, colorful, fatty, juicy, good taste, storage and transportation.Address: Wangtuan Village, Bahu Town, Hedong District and the surrounding open area full season farm full season farm is only ten kilometers from the downtown center, farm all fruits and vegetables with fruit and vegetable fungus fertilizer as the base fertilizer, regular fermentation fungus fertilizer, 100% natural ripe.Strawberry varieties include Xuelixiang, Yuexiu, Danxue and Angel no. 8, with a total planting volume of more than 50,000.In addition, organic mushrooms, celery, organic cauliflower, broccoli, strawberry persimmon, small persimmon and so on can be picked.Address: changan road linyi economic and technological development zone and kunming road intersection south 300 meters jersey supermarket in the east went into blue, green WoChuan air strawberry picking garden green WoChuan strawberry picking garden adopts advanced air suspension, and mobile cultivation bed technology and drip irrigation technology, intelligent strawberry and hydroponic vegetables production and standardization of strawberry seedlings is equal to one.Grown strawberries can be eaten without washing them.At present, the strawberry varieties of snow manor in Lanling County are mainly xiangye, Sweet treasure, Angel 2 and pink jade.Picking will continue until around May Day.Address: Yinan County Tongjing town silver villa Wanrun strawberry Wanrun strawberry covers an area of 120 mu, mainly xiangye, angel 8, Zhangji and other varieties, picking time will continue to May 1.Wufufeng family farm wufufeng family farm mainly has xiangye, Hongyan, sweet Charlie and other varieties, strawberry has been a large number of mature, like picking citizens do not miss.Yingzhigu Tourism area Yingzhigu organic fruit and vegetable base adopts pollution-free planting mode, without pesticide in the whole process.Strawberry varieties such as Sui Zhu, Hongyan and Miaoqing No.7, which enjoy the reputation of “king of strawberries”, are the best among strawberry varieties. They taste sweet and soft, with fresh and tender berries, dense and juicy berries, high sugar and hardness, green and healthy, and are loved by people.Wangjiazhuang milk strawberry picking garden, Feixian County, No.9 yingzhigu Road, Duozhuang Town, Mengyin County wangjiazhuang milk strawberry picking garden to milk strawberry mainly, using organic cultivation, bee pollination, milk fertilization, without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.Fei county Wang Jiazhuang Philadelphia street address: community garden phenomenon.the river bank Mongolia milk strawberry picking strawberry picking flowers tourist area air garden river bank Mongolia tourist area air strawberry picking flowers garden is the collection cultivation, leisure, entertainment, picking and science in the integration of modern agriculture demonstration project, do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides to ensure that the strawberry green ecological, taste excellent, loved by tourists.At present, xiangye, Snow White two varieties of strawberry has been ripe, it is a good time to pick.Tips for picking strawberries: 1. Picking should be light, gently pinch strawberry stem with thumb and index finger, then you can pick them.2. Handle gently and keep away from water when storing.3. Strawberries are good at the beginning of the season, but by the end of the season they will be smaller and prices will fall.Watch out for bees when picking strawberries.Strawberry fruit need pollination, so many greenhouses near the beehives, do not disturb the beehives, so as not to be stung by bees.5. The temperature and humidity inside the strawberry greenhouse are high, and the temperature difference between inside and outside the greenhouse is large. Pay attention to wearing and taking off clothes, so as not to cause a cold.In the newspaper reporters Huan constant snow this article from the reed {langya} net (, the original address: