Scene | Winter Olympics debut “blockbuster” Su Yiming “climb the wall” into the final

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“Blockbuster” is the perfect description of Su Yiming’s debut at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.On February 6, the men’s snowboard slopestyle qualification competition was held at Genting Ski Park, Su Yiming scored 86.80 in the first jump, ranked first, smoothly qualified for the final.This is the first time that Chinese snowboarder has qualified for the slopestyle in the Winter Olympics, and Su yiming made history by reaching the final.Su’s best World Cup finish in slopestyle was a sixth-place finish in Calgary earlier this year.In Beijing, the top three finalists of the INTERNATIONAL Snow Federation, Raymond Gerrard, Marcus Cleveland and Mark McMorris, are all here.In the first round of qualification, Su yiming came out third from the bottom.Sean Fitzsimmons and Red Gerrard of the United States led the way with 78.20 and 71.71 points respectively.Quite a few players made mistakes in the race.This for the back of the starting su Yiming, but also with a added pressure.When the live commentary read out the name of Su Yiming, the audience boiling, is it a set of steady action to test the water, or to a set of difficulty to finalize the sound?Although su was a little nervous at the beginning, in the last three blocks, he gave the answer with a set of “reverse foot three weeks 1440+ reverse foot inside turn 1260+ inside turn 1620”.Steady landing su Yiming, obtained 86.80 points, basically locked a promotion quota.Although Su made some mistakes in the second round, it did not affect his advance, as the second place mark McMorris jumped to 83.30 points in the second round.After the match, Su was the busiest person in the arena.Take turns to accept many media interviews, site staff came forward to congratulate and take photos, ask for signatures…Among the numerous “fans” are faces from many different countries, and Su patiently meets them one by one.”My first Olympics should be really, really nervous, but standing on the starting blocks and seeing all my friends and family and my country behind me, I just felt like I had nothing to be nervous about.I just try to do my best and give my best performance, and that’s all I have to do.”Su Yi wong told reporters that his own state of mind adjust very good, this is also the reason why he can be a blockbuster, “in particular, I especially enjoy the game, including the same tomorrow, I will focus to complete my action, won’t have too many distractions, is to have fun, enjoy the game and do their best to win honor for our country.”For the final, Su didn’t want to put too much pressure on herself.”I will definitely choose the harder routine tomorrow to try to get a higher score and also use the feeling and experience today to make sure I can perform better tomorrow.”Su’s biggest opponent in the final will be the current second-placed Mark McMorris, the 2018 PyeongChang Bronze medalist who won 10 gold MEDALS at the X-Games.As she fulfilled her promise, Su also praised the course, which was decorated with props and decorations in the shape of city walls and traditional Chinese houses, for its distinctive and ornamental features.”It’s a really good course, probably the best slopestyle course I’ve ever ridden,” he said. “The props, the jumps, the angles, it’s very comfortable and you can do some of the harder things when you’re safe.”Su yiming said.I have to say that Su was very patient and did not feel any displeasure after being pestered by the media for nearly an hour.At the end of the interview, he told reporters, “I fulfilled my promise and stood on the stage at the Beijing Winter Olympics.There were so many people supporting me in both the starting area and the finishing area, and I couldn’t be more touched.I played well today and I will definitely give it my best in the final tomorrow.I also told myself I have to enjoy the competition and enjoy snowboarding.”In fact, Su yiming has long been famous, he once starred in director Tsui Hark’s film the Taking of Tiger Mountain, as a small emboli.He also starred in the TV drama Your Highness Wolf, alongside Li Qin and Wang Dalu.Some netizens said that Su yiming successfully went from CCTV6 to CCTV5.In an interview, he said of his experience as an actor, “I had to focus 100 percent on what I wanted to do,” so he chose actor over professional athlete and went all out to prepare for the Olympics.Hard work pays off, let’s look forward to better performance of Su yiming!Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Huang Qiyuan in Beijing