Under the background of national leisure, sichuan cuisine tourism products, innovative development research

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Under the background of national leisure, sichuan cuisine tourism products, innovative development and research cuisine tourism as a new form of tourism, is an important part of leisure tourism, Sichuan cuisine is one of the four major Chinese cuisines, has a high visibility in the country and even the world.As the hometown of Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan has both rich food material resources and diversified food culture.Obvious advantages, development of food tourism products in the national leisure travel demand under the background of more and more strong, to promote food industry and the tourism industry to speed up the convergence, realize the resource advantages into product advantages, economic advantage, make the subject of sichuan cuisine Products become the new business card for sichuan tourism and attract new visitors, is of great significance to build tourism economic strong province of sichuan province.In recent years, the rapid development of tourism in Sichuan has led to the rapid growth of gourmet tourism in Sichuan.In terms of food tourism resource development, at present, sichuan has been initially formed “bashu culture as the symbol, gourmet blocks as landscape, food festival as a turning point, sichuan hot pot for the fist, brand enterprises as the flag, classic sichuan for signature and supplement with local snacks, innovation Sichuan for fashion, collection of other parts of China food and food “food tourism landscape.Sichuan food tourism is still in the stage of development, food tourism resource development degree is not high, enough food tourism product innovation, at present, the sichuan cuisine mainly exist the following problems: tourism product development of food industry on a smaller scale, can’t form scale effect, also cannot produce linkage effect, foreign food tourism consumption obviously inadequate.Sichuan as the destination of food tourists, that is, through Sichuan food tourists stay short time, patronize few places, per capita food tourism consumption is not high, food tourism product form is relatively single, food tourism product system has not been formed.4. Lack of product innovation, insufficient mining and building of food culture, scattered development, and no network.