Why do many people who know mobile phones recommend buying OV’s mobile phones, but are unwilling to choose Xiaomi

2022-05-02 0 By

Smart phones have also developed with vigour and vitality for many years. Now the competition in the smart phone industry is also quite fierce. As the four major mobile phone brands of Huami OV in China, the struggle between them is very fierce.In particular, the struggle between Xiaomi and OV is more intense.I thought xiaomi could beat OV by virtue of its cost-effective advantage, but OV’s reputation reversed, instead of crushing the limelight of Xiaomi in the market.Even a lot of people who understand mobile phones suggest that we buy OV mobile phones.Why is that?Xiaomi’s two magic weapons “cost-effective” and MIUI system competitiveness weakened at the beginning of Xiaomi with excellent cost-effective advantage and the charm of MIUI system, captured the heart of a large number of consumers.Especially when Xiaomi just entered the market, the strong cost-effective advantage, so that a number of mobile phone manufacturers have no counterattack.In particular, under the background of Xiaomi products, OV was crowned with the hat of “high price and low match”, coupled with the very characteristic MIUI system, which was in the limelight at that time.However, in recent years, other mobile phone manufacturers have also focused on the benefits of online marketing and cost-effectiveness route, among which OV has set up sub-brands RealMe and iQOO to specialize in online cost-effectiveness route.The excellent performance of MIUI system also urges other mobile phone manufacturers to develop their own operating systems. The performance of Hongmeng of Huawei, ColorOS of OPPO and OriginOS of Vivo is no worse than that of MIUI. Xiaomi’s cost-effective advantage and MIUI’s two magic tools for winning are weakened.The development of OV in recent years has also won the support of many consumers.Compared with Xiaomi, OV has higher after-sales service and quality control of products. If there may be arguments in other aspects, OV is definitely the best in the industry in terms of cost performance. It has offline service stores, after-sales maintenance points, perfect after-sales service and convenient maintenance channels all over the country.OV has gained a lot of consumers.In terms of mobile phone quality control, OV has achieved the extreme. In particular, In order to guarantee the good product rate of mobile phones, Vivo has invested heavily in introducing original imported equipment from abroad to build its own product production line. 7,000 to 10,000 mobile phones are discarded from research and development to release, and tens of millions of costs are spent to test product quality.On the contrary, xiaomi’s quality control is much worse.There are always problems with every generation of products.Before millet with the value and advantage of the beautiful MIUI system, in today’s competitive mobile phone market advantage is not obvious, in contrast, OV depend on the price advantage of brands in recent years, the strict mobile phone quality control and perfect after-sales service, as well as its high hard power of science and technology, it is no wonder that can gain a large number of consumers.