Zhou deep, a sado-love how much qinghuan, my hands clasped pious prayer | if dream

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# Zhoushen #, ethereal and pure voice, melodious and melodious singing, a song of abusive love, in that stormy Chang ‘an, personally look at that, ups and downs of fate, ups and downs of life, love in full swing, let the buried past one by one again…The whole song, substantially true sound, sing the fate of Li Yan and Cheng If fish Wine, past life fetters, dreamlike journey and indomitable firm faith, also let a person feel the turbulent changan world.Prelude, clear with a trace of cold, hazy feeling full of line sense and sense of space, full of sense of loneliness, instantly caught the listener’s mind.This is “dream wake up changan” teleplay theme song “be like a dream”, the main song of the first paragraph, week is deep, be like to have if do not have the sound of adhesive gas, be like break still connect, cut ceaselessly manage to return disorderly shake dispute, what deduct is incisively and vividly.Sparse and cold melody, long and bleak and helpless, just like the low sigh of life.Similar to the air compression sound at the end, low sigh has a specific content: time is in a hurry, but they meet but pass by, regret and sadness.At the end of the first paragraph, there was a sudden empty beat, as if the heart had skipped a beat.Enter the second paragraph, some hit zhu and song feeling, such as Zen gate chanting, expand the fate of the fate, love unspeakable depression, regret, sad feeling, the six desires and seven emotions will be a dream of the bubble.Zhou Shen gently with a long breath slowly slip out of the “kill” two words, that is to dream bubble helpless sigh.The first chorus of the endless strands of silk, misty and lingering.”Piecing together”, “one” gentle, “edge” sticky, that is a person carefully picking up their own memory fragments, quietly hiding their pain and pain.Interplay, the use of erhu, let the whole song to a higher level of sadness.In the second verse, the sad feelings are pushed forward layer upon layer, and the faint erhu takes on the previous sadness, while the faint harmony is like a layer of light fog, which makes the listener can’t help but want to explore the ups and downs of the feelings.The last chorus, Zhou Shen with true voice, made a very cathartic interpretation, is the whole song emotional outburst point, pain and pain of the real dripping dripping dripping dripping.”While forgetting” has a whimpering sound, “while piecing together” is more like the cry and scream of extreme sadness.The word “only”, “May you only be saved”, is like the tired and dumb feeling after the wailing, but this time, the drama is over, but it is sad.Floating life if dream, wind shake rain fall, this heart where to anchor, I fold hands, pious only wish, qinghuan dream with this heart, save you!(Personal listening experience does not represent the original thought)