A woman who parked her car without calling her left 20 cars stuck in traffic for three days and asked others to apologize first

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Nowadays, the car ownership in big cities is increasing day by day, and the total number of cars in China has exceeded 400 million.Such a large number of cars has brought about many negative effects, such as the increasingly serious traffic jam and the increasingly prominent problem of parking.Car parking requires space, and the number of cars in many big cities in China is exploding, but the corresponding parking space configuration has not kept up, resulting in car owners can not find a place to park.A woman driver in Tianjin parked her BMW indiscriminately in a residential area, seriously obstructing others.Zhang, the owner of the BMW, did not buy a parking space in the community, but he managed to enter the license plate number into the garage scanning system.Female drivers often occupy other people’s parking Spaces in the underground garage. Sometimes when he can’t find an empty space, he parks his car in the passageway.Once she stopped her car in a narrow lane in the neighborhood and drove off without leaving her motorcycle phone.When the owners of the community were getting ready to go to work, they found that the road was blocked by the female driver. They wanted to call the female driver, but they could not find the phone to move the car.More than 20 cars were blocked by female drivers who wanted to get to work but could not get out. Some of them were late for work, while others spent hundreds of yuan on taxis.The female driver stopped and blocked the road for three days without moving the car, the property very not easy to find the female driver’s address.Property workers and several property owners knocked on the driver’s door and asked him to drive away.The female driver’s attitude is very arrogant, she thinks the property and other owners are not qualified to ask her to move the car.When the owner, Mr. Zhang, spoke too loudly to the female driver, the female driver asked Mr. Zhang to apologize first, or he would not move the car.When the female driver came to the underground parking lot, he did not move the car immediately. He stood beside the car and accused other owners of the community of disrespecting him and speaking with a bad attitude.Other property owners in the community were fed up and called the police, who soon arrived in the parking lot to mediate the incident.Police learned what had happened three days earlier when a woman stopped her car and blocked the road, leaving 20 owners unable to drive to work for three days.The driver thought the property management and other property owners were not polite to him and had a quarrel with them.After negotiation, the female driver compensated Mr. Zhang 350 yuan and finally drove away.Netizens commented on the incident, siding with the owners and blaming the female driver.The woman driver occupied the parking space and affected other people’s work and life. He should drive away the car as soon as possible and apologize to the owners in the community who were affected.Instead of apologizing, the female driver lashed out. He had gone too far.Some people believe that this incident is also related to the property of the community. Since the female driver did not buy a parking space and did not rent a car, he was not qualified to enter the underground parking lot, and the property management and security guards could not input the license plate of the female driver into the system.The property department immediately deleted the driver’s license plate information, and she was no longer able to enter the underground parking lot.Many car owners only care about their own convenience when parking, not for others, and eventually pay the price for their disorderly parking behavior.The car rental space in the community is not expensive, I hope you can take the initiative to think of others when parking, do not have similar disputes.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete