Another bizarre building in Guangzhou, which cost hundreds of millions to build but failed to meet expectations, has prompted netizens to call it “dirt”

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As a big province in the southeast coastal areas of China, Guangdong has been making remarkable achievements in all aspects of development by virtue of convenient transportation and rich natural resources.Especially in recent years, with the continuous upgrading of industrial structure, the GDP of Guangdong province firmly occupies the champion position in China.Of all the prefecture-level cities under the jurisdiction of Guangdong province, apart from shenzhen, which is not included in the list, guangzhou, the provincial capital, is naturally the most economically developed.In recent years, in the aspect of urban construction in Guangzhou, in addition to the continuous construction of a variety of magnificent high-rise buildings, there are also a lot of exotic landmark buildings.One of them is the pavilion that xiaobian will introduce to you today. Although a lot of investment has been spent here, the results are not satisfactory.The unique building is actually guangzhou Sunac Theater located in the center of Guangzhou, as a cultural and creative building to promote local culture and maritime Silk Road characteristics.There is an excellent intention in the design process, not only to make the shell as silky as the general soft texture.Moreover, red, which represents China, is used in the color selection to give people a festive and prosperous feeling.It’s one thing to have a concept drawing in the design process, but it’s another thing to actually see it in people’s eyes.Now you only need to come to the center of Guangzhou or look out from a distance to see this wonderful theater center.From a distance or up close, it’s hard to appreciate the silky feel, according to past visitors, rather like a winter cotton blanket covering the entire building.In the previous two years, it was even listed as one of the 10 ugliest buildings in China.It can be said that many local citizens in Guangzhou also feel very speechless for this grand theater.Of course, the 12 billion yuan mega-building is not just about its bizarre appearance.As a grand theater with 50,000 square meters, it has a total area of seven floors above ground and underground.In addition to holding concerts and catwalks, there are even occasional popular movies from the cinema.At its peak, the theater could hold more than 2,000 people.It’s actually a pretty good place to have fun, if you ignore the bizarre appearance.That’s all about Guangzhou Sunac Theater. What do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment.