Beijing Pinggu four “key points” to strengthen cold chain food safety

2022-05-03 0 By

In order to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic of cold chain food, Beijing Pinggu District Market Supervision Bureau recently firmly grasped the four “key points” of “people, field, material and storage”, carried out comprehensive inspection and investigation in the field of cold chain food strictly, and resolutely blocked the transmission chain of the epidemic.Grasp the cold chain food practitioners.The bureau transferred cadres from the organs to the grass-roots market supervision institute and required that according to the progress of the group and the street and the household, layers of responsibility should be pressed. Every day, the nucleic acid testing situation of cold-chain food practitioners should be checked on the spot, and the nucleic acid test negative certificate must be held within the specified time limit before taking up the post, so as to ensure that the nucleic acid test “does not miss one person”.Make it clear that imported cold-chain food employees can only take up their posts with the record of vaccine inoculation, and strengthen immunization for those directly in contact with the production, processing, storage, sales and catering production of imported cold-chain food.Grasp the cold chain food production and operation sites.The bureau strengthened the elimination of cold chain production and operation sites, nucleic acid testing of the environment and food, requiring cold chain food producers and operators to implement epidemic prevention and control and food safety responsibilities do not discount, do not shrink, standardize environmental elimination, sanitation, ventilation and personal protection measures.For the problems found, such as not Posting the QR code of Healthbao, incomplete elimination records, not timely temperature measurement of employees and customers, and non-standard mask wearing, law enforcement officers urge the government to make changes and make public announcements to the society, order the suspension of business for serious problems, and deal with illegal acts strictly and quickly according to law.Seize cold chain food and epidemic-related items.The bureau continues to do a good job in the import of cold chain food, packaging, production and operation of the environment early warning monitoring, strictly implement the import of cold chain food “three special three certificate” “four no five no” management requirements, strictly check the “Beijing cold chain” traceability platform information, the import of cold chain food information registration input platform, do “should be on the chain to the chain”;Strict screening of cold-chain food related to COVID-19 has been carried out, and a mechanism has been established for receiving and transferring clues, tracking and feedback.Do a good job of cold storage links.The bureau to strengthen the “warehousing” prevention, strict inspection of imported cold chain food warehousing “three certificate one code”, urge the purchase inspection records and into the shipment ledger must be implemented;Cold storage is required to truthfully record the cold chain food product name, weight, origin, time in and out of storage, the name of suppliers and other specific information, and continue to carry out cold storage environment, food packaging and personnel nucleic acid testing;Strict inspection of imported and domestic cold chain food mixed behavior, requirements of imported and domestic cold chain food to implement special storage, special sales, special channel.According to statistics, Pinggu District has 285 cold storage of cold chain food with a stock of 2,247.8 tons.Shi Xiaona