Jiangsu to win the spring agricultural production initiative: stable production, do not miss the agricultural spring

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The vegetation germinated, the fields green.In a few days is “rain” solar term, spring agricultural production will begin.In Xuzhou City, Tongshan District, Zhangji Town, Tiandong village wheat green high quality and efficient demonstration, yikeke wheat seedlings are accumulating up the strength of growth.A year’s plan starts in spring. Keeping agriculture stable and protecting the foundation of agriculture, rural areas and farmers is the “ballast stone” for the response bureau and opening a new bureau.Look at the beginning of this year’s “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, how to “steady” good momentum, how to “progress” next?Stable area, stable productivity, increase efficiency.The Party and the government should shoulder their responsibilities together and keep the rice bowl firmly in their own hands.A meeting on spring agricultural production and strengthening wheat field management in Jiangsu province, held in Xuzhou on Thursday, stressed that the area of summer grain production has been decided, we must not give up to do a good job in summer grain production, break down and implement the annual targets and tasks, take solid and effective measures to ensure stable production and supply of grain and other important agricultural products, and effectively protect the agricultural basic plate.To provide strong support for the steady and healthy economic and social development of the province.Summer harvest, year-round initiative.The sowing area of summer grain in the province this year is 36.95 million mu, an increase of 30 thousand mu over last year.Summer grain total accounted for nearly forty percent, according to the latest NongQing scheduling, the province of wheat seedlings of grade 1 and 2, accounted for more than 80%, the recent round of snow effect is smaller, but the country’s imbalance, together with the late factors such as weather, plant diseases and insect pests, acquire there are a lot of battle for summer grain harvest – to manufacturing.through pays special attention to the wheat field management.Focusing on “stabilizing ear, competing for grain and increasing weight”, we should pay close attention to the three key growth periods of wheat turning green, jointing and filling, and implement the key measures of wheat fertilization in the whole process.We must take precautions against and mitigate natural disasters in agriculture.We will give priority to the prevention and control of diseases, insects and grasses and the prevention of natural disasters, and formulate plans for preventing, reducing and harvesting crops in light of local disasters.In view of the fact that fusarium head blight is prone to occur and occur frequently in wheat in Our province, we planned to implement the prevention and control strategy of “prevention first, taking the initiative and applying medicine to flowers” to ensure the output and quality of summer grain.Early planning to catch spring ploughing preparation.We will keep the acreage sown to rice stable, expand strip planting of soybeans and corn, expand planting of soybean oilseed, and ensure that the acreage sown to grain and soybeans is covered by households and farms.”To meet the new demand of water and fertilizer integration, we added two sets of environmental monitoring systems this year, which will alert the lack of water, fertilizer and light.”In yuejin Village, Tangzhang Town, Tongshan District, Liu Changqing, owner of Tianshun Fruit and vegetable Family Farm, is busy loading boxes of vegetables to xuzhou Yurun agricultural products wholesale market in the provincial “Vegetable basket” project green vegetable supply base.This year jiangsu will focus on the construction of emergency supply capacity of large and medium-sized cities, and build a batch of green vegetable supply bases with high quality planning.At the same time, we will strengthen the development of cold storage and preservation facilities in farmland and cold chain distribution centers in producing areas. We will keep the annual planting area of vegetables over 21 million mu, and strive to resolve seasonal, regional and structural shortages.With a focus on high-quality development of fisheries, we will stabilize the acreage of over 8.5 million hectares of aquaculture, make solid progress in standardizing and upgrading fish ponds, launch trials for ecological fisheries on large lakes and surface waters, develop pelagic fisheries in an orderly manner, and ensure that fishing on the Yangtze River is banned for ten years.In addition, we will continue to do a good job in the production of meat, poultry, eggs and milk to ensure an effective supply of vegetable basket products, stable prices and an orderly market.Tune the structure and refresh the “green background”.This year, Jiangsu will focus on promoting the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, reducing weight and reducing medicine, and synchronizing green and high-yield production, so as to tap the potential of increasing grain production, improving grain quality and reducing grain loss.”We will promote green, high-quality and efficient development at a higher level.”Yang Shiyun, director of provincial Agricultural office, provincial Agricultural and rural Department, said that rice will be the focus, taking into account wheat, corn, soybean and other grain and oil crops, and continue to promote the creation of green high-quality and efficient work on a larger scale and at a higher level.Efforts will be made to build more than 500 demonstration plots, integrate and popularize grain high-yield and stress-resistant, high-quality special new varieties and supporting technologies, and explore the development path of corn and soybean integration suitable for Jiangsu’s reality.New breakthroughs were made in stabilizing production and ensuring supply.Wang Weifeng, vice mayor of Xuzhou, introduced that this year xuzhou will focus on building 1 million mu of high-quality indica rice and 3 million mu of medium and strong gluten wheat superior production area in the northernmost part of the country, and build more than 10 provincial “vegetable basket” green vegetable supply bases and 32 vegetable seedling service centers to ensure the vegetable planting area of 6.1 million mu and the output of 20 million tons.We will continue to raise overall agricultural production capacity.Nanjing has combined the development of multi-functional rape industry with modern urban agriculture and the construction of beautiful countryside to promote the integrated development of the first, second and third production of rape industry.”The government invested 26 million yuan to develop ‘rice tanker farming’, and promoted the rape area to increase by 18,500 mu to 280,000 mu, achieving two consecutive years of growth.”Huo Huiping, nanjing’s deputy mayor, said.We will continue to increase policy support.Yancheng incorporated funds for fusarium head blight prevention and control into its fiscal budget, promoted the implementation of credit services and agricultural insurance policies, and promoted the full cost insurance for the three major grain production counties to cover all of them.”We will also crack down on all kinds of illegal production, operation and use of agricultural inputs, and carry out inspections of agricultural machinery production safety to ensure demand for agricultural machinery production in spring.”Yancheng deputy mayor Gu Yunling said.Do not miss the spring, the new work has begun, a new harvest is gestation.Source: Interchange Editor: CAI Yangyan Review: Zhang Xiang