Sagejunmin gave up his high salary to return to his hometown, and now to wuhan team for salary, who can he blame?

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The team’s first defeat in Vietnam became a hot spot, in fact, in recent years Chinese players but also for the day, in the eyes of outsiders, tens of millions of their income, the discrepancy is driving a luxury car, live in a mansion, hug beauty in my arms, it’s just a few years ago, now in China to earn a high salary is too difficult, can get a hand is a winner, there are a lot of teams are not able to pay on time,Even The captain of the National football team, Hao Junmin, didn’t get paid. What’s wrong with him?Last year, Shandong Taishan won the double title and became the real winner, but shandong fans have a little regret, that is, Xiao Junmin, who has played for the team for more than 10 years, left. He won the double title as soon as he left, of course, it is very depressing, why should Xiao Junmin leave at this time?Some people think that the former teacher Li Xiaopeng called, and is to repay the hometown team, a little closer to home, of course, there must also be wuhan team to his treatment is not lower than Shandong Taishan, then why he now to the club to beg for salary?They have not paid salaries for a long time, which is a kind of suffering for the team. Of course, Hao Junmin is also suffering. He said on the social platform, “When will you give me the salary bonus I owe you?You have to fool me!Push me!I didn’t ask you to spend a penny in the middle of the year. I didn’t ask you for a penny.Salary is your commitment to solve at the end of the year, said before the end of the year before the New Year, said after the New Year before the New Year, is this enterprise culture?I gave everything I had to my hometown team.Is that how you have no integrity?Have some mutual respect!Thank you very much!In the world, little is achieved by doing nothing, half is achieved by doing something for profit, and half is stimulated and forced.Through junmin hao’s comments, Wu Hanzhuo wage arrears has become a fact, just rumours before, but now junmin hao openly in the social platform for pay, how much of a visible back pay, if only one or two months back pay, to junmin hao, won’t do that, in any other way to also won’t come to hometown club unpaid wages, after all he didn’t want to have anything to do with hometown club face torn, of the who’s that?Huang Qiang slanting talk sports thought, when Li Xiaopeng left shandong taishan join Wu Hanzhuo coach, a lot of people will guess junmin hao will leave, after all in the eyes of junmin hao, Li Xiaopeng is his teacher, when Li Xiaopeng calls, junmin hao agrees to return to Wu Hanzhuo effectiveness, he made the decision, is also the result of deliberate, in addition to the teacher Li Xiaopeng summons,He also wanted to return to his hometown team, so that more home, homesick, but he was sincere in return for unpaid wages, but also lost two champions, wuhan Zhuoer promised a high salary is not, even the basic salary can not be paid on time, can not make Hao Junmin angry?Who is to blame for humao Junmin’s fate?This article is the author huang Qiangwei on sports original article, declined to be reproduced, offenders will investigate!Picture material from the network, if there is something wrong, please contact the author to delete!